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Healthy Greek Chicken Wrap | Akis Petretzikis

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Super chef Akis has flown into the Food Tube Kitchen to bring you a super quick and healthy realtime recipe! Succulent chicken breast pan fried and baked in a …


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  1. He did great until the very end. He talked about cross contamination, and how careful you have to be, but he used his hands with the chicken on it to pour the olive oil onto the chicken covering the spout, like you do when you don't want it to come out too fast, so he could have contaminated the spout, then at the end poured more olive oil onto the wraps. I was so excited when I seen he wasn't going to use the sale and pepper that he put his chicken covered fingers into, and even more excited when he wasn't going to use any more olive oil for the recipe, then crash, boom, bang, right at the end… DUN DUN DUN, CROSS CONTAMINATION! LOL. OH WELL.

  2. Seriously love you guys! Almost ordered pizza on my train ride home, but then you had to come into my feed and say NO! Go to the store, pick up a few things, and go make a bomb ass dinner!
    So I did, now I’m happy.
    Keep up he good work

  3. i mean tecnically he didnt touch the chicken with his right hand but i still recommend to not go with a raw chicken hand onto a oil bottle with the finger directly connected to the oil if you dont use it all

  4. I like it that he is organized around the kitchen and cleaning up along the way. Jamie Oliver doesn’t do this in his live cooking and created a mmmmess (and forgot to add garlic into the hummus)

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