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He squeezed LEMON into his EYE!

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We were flown out to an incredible wedding for some friends of ours this past weekend. It was an AMAZING time. Before we headed up the coast to Santa …


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  1. no thats salt in the crook of your thumb which you lick then you shoot the tequila then you put a wedge of lime in your mouth then then you shove the squeezed lime into the open top of a long neck ice cold beer .. take a hit grab a tortilla or some nachos .. I spent a long hot summer in an upmarket american bar n grill working with real mexicans & lots of other nationalities ..

  2. scrolling through some comments and surprisingly have not seen anyone point this out but… THATS NOT A LEMON PETE! THAts A LIME!!! REEEEEEEEEE lol great vlogs and videos and i love your PM LR pack! best $20 i have ever spent no joke

  3. I've been following you for a long time and thought I'd seem all your videos but I hadn't seen this. It cracked me up. Also it's super cool to see how far things have come in 3 years.

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