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HDR Tutorial with Bracketing and Photomatix Pro

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  1. I got an interesting story today,my cousin just gave me his so called "like new" 7d for FREE, like you said, it's really an awesome camera, but i still want a full frame for better IQ. Moreover, the local camera store is selling a 5d mark 1 in perfect condition, as like new, with around 10k shots, for a price $700, what do you think about that Tony?
    PS: I gave up on finding your book in Barns and Noble stores, so I just ordered it from Amazon, it will be delivered next few days

  2. Ah, thanks for ordering the book. We've been trying to get B&N to keep it in stock… they're blaming the publisher (me and Chelsea), but we have thousands of books waiting to ship to B&N…

    Anyway, re: the original 5D, I do still have mine. However, it simply doesn't have modern full-frame image quality. It also lacks live view and video, and the focusing system is appaling. I'd rather use the 7D.

  3. You're welcome Tony, I just got the book last week, it's a lot to cover, still havent finished yet.
    Can i ask you a question?, the 7D is great for fast focus, build quality, but in the low light condition, it's not good. I mainly photograph macro, food and diecast models, so should i use my 7D as main camera, or should i buy 5D mark II for better IQ and keep my 7D as my backup camera?

  4. Although it's been 3 months since you asked, but here is the answer: The details lost in the original shot (as he showed on the histogram) are lost and never captured. Even if you adjust your exposure you will not regain those details.

  5. Check the 6D/7D/5D (etc) comparison video that I have, it's an hour long, so there's plenty of video. But in short, the 6D or 5D Mark II will provide you MUCH better image quality, especially in low light.

    And thanks for buying the book! Sorry it took so long to get back to you; I'm getting caught up on my emails.

  6. I got the open-box 5D mark ii this morning at Bestbuy for $1600, it's like brand new, takes some pictures and it's like you said, IQ is better than the 7D, detail in the background when zoom in 200% is HUGE different from the 7D, thank you Tony!!!

  7. You get blown out areas in which data cannot be restored in any software because it was never recorded by the camera's sensor, which is why you have to actually expose a few times, for different areas.

  8. If i can also comment on that.. Both cameras are excellent, the 7D and the 5DII. That being said, they are two different machines, not just different in term of which one is better or whatnot, but they have different uses. The 5DI could be a good backup for the 5DII. The 7D, however, is more complementary to the 5DII. Owning both cameras, sometimes i will use the 7D over my 5DII for Sports shooting, or Macro. They both complete each other.

  9. Tony – Thanks for sharing this. I see your working with Canon. Magic Lantern can help with the bracketing for 7 shots, so you don't have to touch the camera. Pretty cool firmware upgrade, might be worth checking out (I bet you've already heard of it). Thanks again for sharing. 

  10. Tony, I love your stuff. I found out about you on the Improve Photography podcast. Question…Am I misunderstanding…If I subscribe to your YouTube feed is the 9 hour video free? If not, I apologize, if so what do I need to do to get the download. Thanks a lot.

  11. i was actually trying to find another video where you spoke about HDR when I came across this one (still trying to find the other one). Wow, your production values have gone waaaaaaaaaay up!

  12. I like autocombine on the Rebels, like in creative mode you have HDR autocombine

    but, I hate that you can't do actual exposure compensation, like shift the 3 shots to the left or right

    BUT, I noticed the 70D has this thing called "HDR Mode", which allows you to do HDR autocombine in Av and Tv

    So, does anyone know if you can do exposure compensation in HDR mode on cameras like the 70D? Thanks.

    (I like exposure bracketing to overcome high contrast scene limitations, I hate the work in software afterwards lol)

  13. Photoscape Pro already has an HDR feature so I can get the HDR effect on ANY picture I take. Does that mean I don't need to even bother going through all the trouble of taking numerous pictures and blending them together?

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