Home Photography Have they FINALLY done it? 4K Canon M50 UNBOXING

Have they FINALLY done it? 4K Canon M50 UNBOXING

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  1. all my selfies are taken on my Canon Powershot G5x – shot in RAW, edited in lightroom ..all for the gram 😂 fairly overkill
    drawbacks are that it’s a fixed lens, limited to only a 4.2x optical zoom .. and i can’t use an external microphone

  2. Just wondering which camera would be better for shooting cars and video. Is the 70d better than the m50? In terms of using/owning it in the long run?

    Just want to ask as this would be my first camera purchase.

  3. I’m starting up my YouTube channel. Do everything from my IPhone. I’m deciding between the m5 and m50 to buy as my main vlogging camera, still stuck between the two but this helped. How is it with photos?

  4. Your comment about the lens being 15mm cropped by 1.6 which makes it equivalent to a 24mm full frame is incorrect. That lens was made for that camera so with that camera you will get 15mm on that cameras field of view. It's a crop sensor camera which just means its not a full frame 35mm camera. It doesnt mean it crops EVERY lens, only EF lenses which are made specifically for full frame cameras.

  5. well, auto fucus in 4k is not good but i think i like the quality in m50 better than your 10,000 dollar camera, If anything, its definitely not inferior, so i wonder, what justifies the 9000$ extra cost ? lol

  6. hi buddy, because you know shit … how can improve the focus in setting for the 4k i heard it's crap .
    second if you put 18-35mm and it's vignetting around 18mm to 29mm area what you suggest to do ? using maybe not a speed booster adapter?
    (i know it's big lens for vlogging i just wanna use it as a studio set up while traveling) thanks!

  7. very happy to say i have just ordered my own M50 – i have an event at the end of the month for the NHS and i didn't want to rely on my Powershot G5x as i feel i've reached my creative end with it
    i didn't want to leave mirrorless but i needed the ability to change lens with a more powerful internal computer
    at the moment i can take RAW photos at the same pace as a wind-up camera 🤷🏻‍♂️

  8. Ever since I bought the camera I've watched this video like a thousand times ,and for someone whose new to cameras ,I always learn something new from it , or even understand certain aspects that confuses me 😂

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