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Guide on how to make funny "Bokeh Shapes"

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Always wanted to know how to make funny shapes with the bokeh balls? For example, heart-shapes, stars or some other less conventional shapes such as …


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  1. Why does someone making a product demo that is general public seem to think that porn references are normative? Vulgarity and sex? Weird. This was funny and informative otherwise.

  2. Here is my trick, don't bother cutting a shape out. Google for B&W clipart shapes you want (for example, I needed a fire Dept Cross), in your image editing software, resize it down to the size you need, convert it to a negative image and print it out on clear transparency film on a laser printer. You can create much more complex shapes than you can cut by hand. Here are fireworks shot with the cross during a local firemens carnival. https://flic.kr/p/wqJV5f

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