Home Photography GoPro Hero 9 – Here we are.. AGAIN.

GoPro Hero 9 – Here we are.. AGAIN.

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  1. i just love Go pro Hero 9 but i can't afford it , bit costly for me but i will buy it as soon i get my channel Monetized. Am doing my best to be a part of YouTube family & i prey everyone will get success in their life. Love your ideas , your videos bro , one request can you plz upload some BROLL

  2. Gosh I have the old GOPRO 3+ and I never even use it and it has just sat in my cabinet forever. I think though because it lacks so many features and my newer Drone and Fuji camera shoots fantastic video and photos upgrading the the 9 would be sweet and I would use it way more because of the IS and just the better output. Larger 20mp photos is fantastic, and shooting time-lapse and other creative video would be a solid purchase.

  3. With all of the other low cost alternatives, even those bordering on crappy, yet still producing good quality video (though not professional) GoPro is dead. Lets face it, GoPro doesnt even produce pro-quality video. GoPro i think lives off of their initial development and advertising. But that life is quickly coming to an end.

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