Home Photography GoPro Hero 7 Review – CRAZIEST STABILIZATION EVER!


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  1. I see that in splashy the lenses are dirty. I have a hero5 where the water vanishes on the lens and a hero6 where the drops remain on the lens. Did you experience something similar as having a hero5???

  2. Thanks Matti for your useful video, your video made me to buy the Gopro
    The stabilization of course awesome, even when I put it in a washing machine, shaking all the time but stabilization still works fine, more impressive than the other version of Gopro, even gopro 6
    see this video : https://bit.ly/2Jo9BAS
    However, the night video capture seems to be little weak, hope it would be better soon!

  3. You don't get the memory card with the TradeUP program. Even though the "blue banner" at the top clearly states that "free SD card with ALL cameras" . it is very deceptive.

  4. I bought from their website where it says "Free memory card with every GoPro Camera" and didn't get a memory card. Called GoPro and got some BS stories and when I asked for a supervisor they hung up on me.

  5. Hi Babes!
    Just bought a Gopro hero7 black, and am trying to get my 'head around it ', as a 62 year old Gran! , to film/photo my grandchildren!
    Thank you so much for sharing the 'positive sides'😊
    I really was worried that I had made a wrong decision I'm bying it!
    Thank you much for your vlog!

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