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Glamour Portrait Photo Shoot: Model, Hair, Makeup, Styling, Lighting, Posing

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Go behind the scenes as we shoot Emily in our studio. We’ll show you the lights and the gear we use, and talk about every aspect of our technique, including …


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  1. Holy crap this was amazing. The production value on your videos normally seems pretty high but this one was just insane! I really liked the way it was shot, cut, and structured. Felt very professional but also entertaining. Great work team!

  2. THIS IS GREAT! Just what i needed. Not that i practice studio shooting or anything, but its good to know what/how it goes behind the scenes. The pictures look great btw! Thanks Tony and Chelsea.

  3. Would you mind sharing some of the studio gear you guys use? Like the backdrop, stand, tethering equipment/program used, and other tips you have for setting up a studio for the first time.

  4. I have all three of your books, I've watched all, (or almost all…), of your videos, more than once!, I just want to say Thank You so much for Giving us so much knowledge, Being such wonderful people and Sharing your talents with me…us.

  5. hey i have question
    i have canon 700D. when i click images from my cam ad zoom them up those picture are not sharp and don't have fine details.
    its because of my camera or what? how can i fix it help me 🙂

  6. Really enjoyed this training video. But your camera was only a Canon 5D Mark 111 or so. And not a Hasselblad, with 50MP! Only $26,000. You did everything right. You made it look so easy and I thank you.
    So sell the 750BMW and get yourself the best camera you can get.

  7. Tony.. Can you please tell me where can I get the same portable table with mount that you mount the 24" Dell monitor. I would appreciated you post a link here. I am very interested in buying it.

  8. Me being a model i can tell you at the initial shoots, a model is always nervous and confused about facing the camera … But with more professional shoots she learns and her expression improves posture improves and she faces the camera gracefully … Emily is still young… A small town girl like me… Who might have the erge to shoot but obviously lack of guidance… Miss. Chelsea is a good guide for her i see… Please dont compare Miss Chelsea with Emily as you cant compare a fruit with a bud …

  9. A great video that I really enjoyed. The lights are very interesting and very reasonably priced, I’m looking for something I can do more still life with at home when I’m unwell. To me, what makes Chelsea and Tony work so well is it seems there’s almost photographic opposites attracting. Chelsea comes very much from the 'art' direction, her images are always organic and natural. She has shot some of the most beautiful images I’ve seen shot on YouTube, the model with the freckles springs to mind. Tony comes very much from the 'science' perspective and an attention to detail that I’ve only ever seen in people diagnosed as having Asperger’s syndrome. This attention to finite and scientific detail is amazing and a quality I’m totally envious of, it might save me a lot of time in post if I worked on it harder. It would also help me understand the technical aspects of cameras and lenses better. I’m not saying that Chelsea doesn’t have a knowledge of the science or Tony doesn’t understand the Art, there is an obvious middle ground where they overlap. What I’m saying is they make an amazing unit, and together they have amazing strengths that are hard to match as I don’t know another channel that covers such a blanket understanding of photography.

  10. In Fact I think the photos with sunglasses looked really good Tony, but please tell the makeup artist to do a better job , Model with her hair open, bring the emotions from her eyes, have her smile a little, model was a little to serious for such a shoot. 🙂 Overall all great job Tony & Chelsea

  11. I seriously thought that Chelsea is a very serious, rude and attitude showing person but from this video I think she is a very cool and outgoing photography who chose to pick up the camera because she loves it. Awesome.

  12. Excellent video Chelsea, very informative and well nariated. Wish if the video was longer and given more details on the lighting setup along with the agle you shooting from (camera, light, model angel)

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