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GH4 Review

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TABLE OF CONTENTS AND BOOK LINKS: 0:00 – Introduction 0:21 – Photography and still camera features 1:22 – 40 frames per second burst mode 3:23 – Video …


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  1. Mr. Northrup I've seen your graet reviews about A7S2, A7R2 and GH4. Please, help me for a decision: I will work in natural light only (no extra light) but I'm a beginner. I'm am in doubt between two set:
    1. A7R2 (internal 8bit sLog2) + Zeis Batis 85mm f/1.8; or
    2. GH4R (PIX-E5H 10bit new-vLog) + Lumix 42.5mm f/1.7?
    In your opinion could new vLog and 10bit make GH4 usable in lowlight condition? Thx a lot

  2. Hi Tony. I currently own a D750. Im slowly getting away from photography and into filmmaking. I've been looking at selling the d750 and picking up a superior video camera. gh4 seems to be the best one in my price range, a concern that has come up in my research is that it does horribly in low light. my question is should I make the switch or is the video on the d750 as good or close to the gh4?

  3. Great review! Recently purchased a GH4R and it is incredible! Thank you for the info and specially for those final tips on editing. I've been looking for information on formats, compression and editing 4k (fcpx) and there isn't much available. I'm sure I'm going to use those tips.

  4. I currently shoot video with my NIkon D750 (my photo camera) along with my collection of lenses (Nikkor 24-85 f3.5-4.5 vr, tamron 70-200 f2.8 vc, sigma 50mm 1.4, rokinon 12mm fisheye). The results I have gotten from shooting with this setup are honestly not too bad… but, as I get more into color grading and cinematography, I find myself wanting a camera that is 1: easier to use as run-and-gun shooting for video at events like football (or any other sporting game), concerts, etc, (but I also do plenty of pre-planned shots and movements that are not run-and-gun style, and 2: Gives better image quality AND will allow me more ability in post production and color grading. I know the blackmagic does RAW, ProRes, and better dynamic range and image quality (which makes me want to say "that is the one!!!"), but I wonder how practical that camera will be for my workflow. I plan on using an adapter to mount my nikon-mount lenses to whichever video camera I choose, and I really do need an all-in-one camera. Something that is versatile enough to use as run-and-gun shooting at football games, concerts, etc, but also something that has great image quality, will allow for lots of color grading/correcting/manipulation room, and I heard the BMPCC needs accessories and extra batteries. I am on a tight budget so if I would need several hundreds of dollars' worth of accessories to use the BMPCC, should I look at something else instead? Right now, the BMPCC and Gh4 are the only cameras I am considering, are there any others that sound like they fit my needs that I should be looking at?

    I am also considering picking up an Atomos Ninja external recorder to use with my D750 (if the GH4 upgrade is too much for my budget). While this is a cheaper option than purchasing a new camera body, I would like your opinion on how much of an improvement it would make compared to getting the 'better choice' of the two cameras listed above. I also wonder about the versatility when running-and-gunning.


  5. Do I have to buy an expensive speedbooster for 400$+ or are there cheaper solutions on the market? I dont wanna spend so much money for a speedbooster if I dont have to. 😉

  6. Is the effective focal length of the kit lens what it says on the lens? i.e. is the 14-40 still really 14-40 and won't have any multiplication factor,unlike the other manufacturers lenses designed for 'normal' DSLRs that will have the 2X multiplication factor thing going on?

  7. Hey Tony, do you still like the g4? A friend of mine has one and asked me to buy it from him. I would like to make high quality virtual VR tours and am wondering which dslr to use best for this. Can you advice me on this?

  8. Did Panasonic ever send out an update to fix the focus problem you were having in this video? I have been looking at getting a new GH4 or a blackmagic pocket cinema camera 4k. but the black magic takes so many extras just to use it so I wanted to get the GH4 and an adaptor and then find some old full size lens to use on it.

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