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  1. Shooting music videos is a good start for anyone trying to learn more and get started in a professional career. Would %100 recommend for any beginner to at least try shooting a music video!

  2. Hey Matti, I’ve bought my first camera and I’m doing Videos of the Sermon but only have one camera. I’m trying to understand how to do a roll and b roll from that one camera. I have a Canon T3i.

  3. My first paid job made me 75 EUR (yep, I'm a german :D) – I was hired to make a music video for a local band, but unfortunately, their sound guy hasn't captured any sounds so I couldn't edit the video in the end. They still gave me the same payoff for the clips because it wasn't my fault. But next time I will be prepared for any occasions! 😉

  4. Matti, thanks for all the content! For our first paid gig, do we just have client write us a check in our name? Do we have to have a LLC or something formed first??

  5. Woooow! I just came from my first job and is so weird becouse I saw Matti's and Peter's videos before shooting to motivate my self, and I get home and BOOM! I will take this video like a sign to keep working to get better. Thank you.

  6. I actually started getting paid gigs, in an extremely competitive market!!!!, but mainly in the form of interviews and fashion photoshoots (I originally started with cars and Bmx action sport) which was a new avenue in my portfolio. I asked my clients what made them choose my services, most said it was my response time to their emails, personality and mainly the easy-going attitude with problem-solving on the job (I think I have a good PokerFace cause I felt the pressure on some occasions).

  7. Is that thing behind Matti’s head driving anyone else crazy? Yes, it keeps all eyes on him, but the amount that is visible is driving me insane. Either block it completely, or move so we can see it. Maybe I’m just OCD but it’s driving me nuts (2:14 in the video.)

  8. I almost never comment on a video but I just have to say this now.
    ok so first I want to say that this video helped me so much. Everything just kind of feels clearer now and it seems like I know what I have to do.

    I bought a 400$ Camcorder a few years ago, toghether with my brother and we've done so many films since then, even some really big projects. I think that I now have a pretty good understanding of camera technique.

    Now the problem is that the camcorder doesn't allow manual exposure control and it has a very small sensor so I can't get thet beautiful shallow depth of field that looks so great in broll but also in "normal" shots.

    I bought a Nikon d5300 2 months ago which I love for photos and that offers all the functionalities the camcorder doesn't. It can also shoot at a higher framerate (50fps). But the one big problem is autofocus, which works pretty food for photos but is just not useable for video.

    So I would probably have to use manual focus but this is only possible if there is a camera man. The bigger problem is that it is kind of hard to focus if you don't zoom in on the screen but then, you can't see your framing and don't know whether the shot looks good or not.

    Any advise for me? Even if not, thank you for reading that and sorry if my english is bad (I'm from Germany)

  9. great video matti, very motivational! you put up a video a long time ago which was about setting your goals for an year. 80k per year something goal and then you explained other things! i subbed for that and now im here! keep putting up great content man!
    you are truly an inspiration!

  10. i got like 10 Canadian dollars for my first paid gig, i was running like crazy with joy but i shouldn't have done that because it was a funeral nevertheless they became a very good client for me and offered alot of jobs to me after that…

  11. So Matti. Can you give me an idea what the medium and big bucks are?
    I’ll be reaching out to a couple of small business to do a video. They’re really small so they probably don’t have a budget for photography let alone video. Then they’ll want to see it, so it’ll be on my YT or Vimeo. If they like it it’s X amount to get to use it. Either way I’ll get the video I need and potentially a small sale. Kind of targeting business I wouldn’t imagine could afford a decent amount, or any amount for a video, therefore not loosing out on a sale.
    Just some thoughts

  12. I'm happy to say that I actually got my first paid video recently. I interviewed a couple of kids that were being adopted for a fundraiser to help the couple adopting them. I really poured a ton of time into making the video the best I could, and probably put 10 to 15 hours into it aside from the filming itself for $100.

    I could have charged more probably, but considering it was for a fundraiser I figured I could drop the price a bit. I was very happy with the end result, and so were the couple.

    I had a ton of people afterwards tell me how much they loved the video and that I'm really good at that kind of thing. It was definitely a push for me to get better and pursue more opportunities in this field. Thank you for everything you've taught me and I will continue to support you.

  13. Your first paid client should be you… High end $7 dollar Starbucks ($2 tim Hortons) , client is called LearningU – spend time just playing for afternoon with one small concept, simple narrative.. 60 second edit / micro film.. 5 yrs from now you will look back, have a little laugh and say if only I knew back then what I know now! First 20 hrs is all about failing, getting back up behind that lense! Now #gobegreat

  14. I watched Cody wanners video on pricing packages and then the one where he went door to door pitching videos… I’m making a short list of local businesses that are cool and that I’d like to do a video for… just sold my D5300 on eBay… buying an M50, I think 🤔 would be amazing to make videos and take photos for a living rather than wiring lights and sockets… nobody appreciates it 😂

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