Home Photography Getting rid of ALL my drones (except for this)

Getting rid of ALL my drones (except for this)

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  1. I’ve heard the air is incredibly loud especially for its size. I have a dji spark, the size sorts has an advantage cause its much less intimidating. When people see that they would think its a toy whereas the mavic or phantom they think “omg big scary drone!”
    I definitely want to get an upgrade as far as video quality goes so I’ll probably go mavic two pro.

  2. I took a drone flying class last year in college and I finally bought one for myself!! I got a HUGE bundle on Amazon that contained the Mavic Pro 2, remote control, Fly More Kit, tablet holder, 6 extra propellers, Sandisk Extreme 128GB Micro SD card, signal booster, AND 6 ND/polarizing filters for only $1900! I just went on vacation to Florida and had my first flight with it there! I’m in love and can’t wait to fly everywhere! I’m hoping to stop at South Of The Border (SC/NC border) this Friday during a road trip to get some birds eye shots of the giant Sombrero tower! My Instagram is @Valiant_Wanderer if anyone’s curious. Love your videos so much, Pete😍

  3. Hey Peter!
    Just curious as to the title of your video here 😉 DID you get rid of all your drones after this or not?
    Also what are your thoughts on it exactly one year later today, Sep 3
    I own it as well and absolutely love it, honestly the ONLY feature i miss is portrait-mode.

    Regards from Chris in Sweden!. Keep it up guys 😉

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