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Get FEEDBACK On Your Travel Films!

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Presets for your videos! The Cine LUTs Pack – www.mattihaapoja.com/store/ Follow me on Instagram @mattih Want me to give you feedback on your film?


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  1. Love the Idea! Your videos have inspired us to really take our video game to the next level and see what we can produce! We'll be filming two new travel videos at the end of the month in St Martin and St Barths with some new equipment and new ideas and skills (alot from you!) Look forward to getting your feedback in the future! Keep producing awesome content man and we will certainly keep coming back for more!

  2. Hey guys, I know that the comments on this channel are very positive and helpful and I wanted to ask if some of you guys could check out my most recent video? It's a summary of the past four months of my life spent studying abroad in Europe! Let me know what you think please!

  3. Awesome! I love your videos and the tips and tricks you share with us.
    I will definitely send you an email to get your feedbacks on one of my videos.
    Thanks for this opportunity!!

  4. I have been thinking about making a film featuring our local city by the beach. I'd love to get some feedback when I am done. BTW, can I use the color grading in iMovie? I know some basic stuff, but I would love to actually color grade. Thanks man! Cheers, Nolan

  5. What is your best advice for stabilizing in films, I have a steady cam but still find my film is a tad shaky. I don't have the funds to get a gimbal stabilizer but I want my films to look more professional. Should I try and stick with shots from a tripod? Post premiere pro warp stabilizer doesn't work all the time.

  6. Waooo I never thought that you would answer me, I am very happy, I am real fans of you and Peter, the little experience that you have acquired in videos has been for you both, I do not miss any chapter of uetedes, thank you for there are people like you

  7. One question I have for you Matti is this: Did you think you would be where you are right now when you first started this? How awesome has it been for you to see every day you are growing and growing? Is it hard to think of ideas every day for new videos?

    Cheers man!

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