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Gennaro makes Gnocchi

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Jamie Oliver’s Italian food guru Gennaro Contaldo shows how to make fresh Potato Gnocchi. For the recipe visit …


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  1. lol i am making them since 40 years and had no idea it was called Gnochi and i need a proffessori for making it.
    You can also do them big size about 5cm in diameter throw them in cooking salt water and when they come up to the top they are ready…best you can have together with a nice sunday food with meat and sauce and some veggis

  2. Thank you so much Gennaro for such a beautiful 100% Italian dish, and please Gennaro don't show Jamie Oliver anymore Italian recipes, and make sure he's not in the kitchen by himself, I couldn't stand the idea of "Jerk" Gnocchi.

  3. Gennaro is so easy to understand, which is more than can be said of the subtitle, which could be used as a comedy show. How the subtitle gets from him, what it prints, I have no idea.

  4. Thank you for your video. I’m new to you and your cooking and I just LOVE the natural way you do things!! Now I know why I LOVE Jamie so much, he had/has a fantastic teacher!! Some day the two of you WILL HAVE TO COME to our farm and cook for us and the locals!! Keep doing what your doing!!

    Can you do a tour of this kitchen and some other amazing places you prepare food?

    Thanks again!! 💕

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