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Fujifilm X-E1 Hands-on Review

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We take a look at Fuji’s latest “X camera” – the X-E1(http://bit.ly/1vffMWJ). It looks like the X-Pro1(http://bit.ly/1v1HdUQ) because it is essentially a lightened …


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  1. Given that no other systems offer in-body stabilization and people still have awesome photos taken with them, you might wanna rethink why it's a killer for you…

  2. Don't misunderstand me, I didn't say I can't take awesome pictures without stabilization. The reason is if I want to buy native lenses for the system, each lens will have stabilization built in (whether I like it or not), thus more expensive, and bulkier. By transferring the cost of stabilization to the camera, every lens will be cheaper. I want to make sure I can really commit to the whole system, not just the body. And more reasons not to bring a tripod is always a plus for any photographer.

  3. I think all the people that don't like the "unseriousness" of these reviews are the kind of guys that want photography to be this elitist thing with old men sitting in libraries sipping scotch and smoking cigars discussing lenses and iso-values, and just can't stand that this funny and unserious young guy is taking better photos than they do.

  4. It's even better value now – i just got one for £350 (body only) to use as a go-anywhere backup for my EOS 5D III. Love the XE-1, great images and a very usable camera.

  5. I THINK I may have just found my new camera.
    I've been all over google the past couple days looking for a good body and lens kit in the $500 or less range.  This falls right in there on the used market.

    The Nex 6 was my number 1 option before…. But I really like the looks of this….

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