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Fujifilm X-A5 Hands-on Review

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New DigitalRev Presenter! Andy dresses up as an Instagrammer to test out Fuji’s latest X-A5 (http://digit.re/FujiXA5) [Playlist]: http://bit.ly/HandsON16 [Subscribe]: …


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  1. Pretty good but did try to recreate Kai too much. I would have just taken a different approach. Not saying this new guy isnt good just could have done something different.

  2. Just got my first Fiji mirrorless! Bought a Fujifilm X-A3, will put up an unboxing video soon. Found one that was too cheap to pass over! So much cheaper secondhand than the newer X-A5 (I just wish the X-A3 had the mic input of the X-A5, but the X-A3 still has the good 24 megapixel sensor for photography)

  3. I love Fujifilm, My main Camera is an XH1 which I love, mainly for video but still nice when shooting stills, but I bought this little camera for Vlogging, and its great, You can plug a microphone into it and either use the flip-up screen or use a small monitor, It is plastic but it has 24.2 million Pixels which is great.

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