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Fujifilm Finepix Overview Tutorial

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For more tutorials, visit http://sdp.io/tutorials. TABLE OF CONTENTS: 00:21 What I Don’t Cover 00:54 Battery, Memory Card 01:42 Case & Lens Cap 02:50 HDMI …


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  1. Thank you so much for this tutorial video!!! I have the S9150 that you were demonstrating on so it REALLY helped me!! I'm looking forward to purchasing your Stunning Digital Photography book.

  2. I've tried several times to access some of the products you recommend for the D5600, but the link has either gone bad or doesn't work any longer. Could you please let use know where to find the battery charger and other items you mention in this video. The video is very helpful and I appreciate being able to see it in marked sections too . Thank you, Tony.

  3. My Fuji S8200 died during a photoshoot yesterday. Even with new batteries it will not power up. I really enjoyed this camera, I especially enjoyed using the panoramic mode that produces fantastic pictures. Great camera, the only con is the short life of the batteries. I have had this camera for about eight years, and during that time I probably shot about 2 to 3 thousand photos.

  4. Wow, so glad I have found this. I haven't used my camera much in the last two years, and I never went to the hot shoe flash function, as I could not figure it out, and I've got lots of flashes for my manual Minolta SLRs, and — this may sound silly — but for photographing my feline friends I really need to finally learn this. I am saving this. Thank you loads. BTW, once a few years back I decided to try the video function — never thought much about it. Nice, very nice. Was not expecting it to be as good as it is.

  5. I recently had a meltdown with my Fuji FinePix S1000fd (literally – the batteries overheated and the camera melted) So I bought a used Fuji FinePix S3400 because I was familiar with the button layout and camera use.

    So anyway, the camera is great, but I have an issue with the flash. Watching Tony's video ' Fujifilm Finepix Overview Tutorial' and reading the manual, both mentioned to turn flash off, just fold the pop up flash down.

    So my issue is with the flash down, and the camera indicating that it is requiring flash (but I don't want flash for the pic) I take the shot, and the flash goes off, in the down position. Pic is nothing but darkness. Even though what I see on the screen prior to taking the pic looks good.


  6. My Camera Came with a lens cap and I do use it simply because I prefer having it protected. So to solve the problem with the cap being lost I hooked it to the camera strap so when I remove the cap it is connected to the strap so it does not get lost. The case I carry simply for extra batteries one set of chargeable, one set of lithium (which I found last the longest) and to put it away for undefined storage times just to prevent dust or damage while traveling.

  7. I'm highly interested in getting one of these so this vid it super helpful me and my dad have watched this and is 100% going to help me with using a camera for the first time thanks so much xx

  8. Tony, thankyou, thankyou and thankyou once again, loved this tutorial this is now my go to tutorial of basic "how to" on the Fuji finepix I was so close to just selling this camera (finepix sl1000) because I didnt have a clue how to use hardly any of the features or how to get any decent pics. I will be watching this tutorial lots to improve my use of this potentially great little camera, once again thanks buddy.

  9. Please help us: When I charge the camera, it shows me "USB" and I let it charge for a whole night and I open it and it shows that I have no battery. Please help (you can give me advice in the comment)

  10. There are two settings you NEVER use: full auto and shutter priority. Use full manual if time and speed is not a factor and use aperture priority over shutter priority/ Full auto is only for when you pass your camera off to a person, who has no clue to photography (and even those that do), for a snapshot.

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