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Fuji X-H1 Preview (vs X-T2, GH5)

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  1. The Fuji X -Trans sensors are the reason you don't need full frame anyway. Add Fuji glass and your pretty much set. Unless you plan on printing enormous images you are wasting your time and money buying full frame.

  2. Tony one question if you don't mind. Do you know when the next body would come out? To decide if it's better to wait a bit more before upgrading my XT2

    Also I suppose there are still no news about 1.8 zooms? I would save to buy them if that was the case. Thanks!

  3. I can't understand why you keep recommending the GH5 for vlogging. The GH5 has perhaps the worst focusing system ever put in a modern camera. The flippy screen would only show you how out of focus you would be with that GH5. The fuji is better for vlogging and the GH5 is better for behind the camera users the have their hand on the focus ring lol and setup scenes with no action. I would choose the a6500 by sony over either of these…better focus, better price and better in low light.

  4. Tony, Like u and many others I too use the exp comp wheel and in one" They replace the Exposure Comp with a LCD". Jeez doesn't anybody READ the manual? page 80 fuji manual (hold exp comp button turn back command dial).

  5. I had both the X-T2 and the X-Hi. One thing that I didn't like about the X-T2 is the small size and lack of grip. I've been a Nikon shooter since the seventies and like a bigger size and a real grip.

  6. hey the Exposure comp dial has moved about 5mm downwards to the Back dial button!! It’s super easy to change exposure comp, actually easier then XT-2, Don’t really know what your harping on about here? And you can even now adjust exposure comp +- 5 stops unlike before.

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