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FREE Photo Editors (RAW): Photoscape X & RawTherapee

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Photoscape X: http://sdp.io/px RawTherapee: http://sdp.io/rawtherapee For more, SUBSCRIBE and like http://fb.com/NorthrupPhotography Buy the #1 book with …


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  1. Hi Tony I know that's not the point of the video but why you didn't crop the picture with a moon into a rule of thirds? Any reason for that?
    Also, would you recommend any of free software over lightroom?
    Thanks, Best regards

  2. It's probably already been mentioned but out of the two "free" programs mentioned here, Raw Therapee was the only one that would open a RAW file using windows 7. The only version of Photoscape that you can use with Win 7 is version 3.7 but you cannot see a RAW image with that version. It has a command to covert RAW to jpg., which it will do, only then will you be able to see the image. Anyway, thanks Tony!

  3. I still use Lightroom V.6, and will continue to do so until I have to upgrade my camera
    Which could be some time.
    I have been looking at alternatives, and like Luminar and On1 Photo Raw. It would
    be interesting to hear from others, what they think is the closest programme to

  4. Might want to consider "free-ish" vs truly free open source. Photoscape is a closed source proprietary freemium kind of app. As such, they may change the terms at any time, and your "free" app now has a much fewer free functions, time limit, etc etc. RawTherapee is truly open source FLOSS and having used FLOSS including Linux for many years, these projects generally remain dependably free and open. I used RT on Ubuntu about 8 years ago and it was kind of primitive, now it just rocks and is incredibly polished.

    Aside from that, the whole fact that Photoscape does not save edits to a file at all, just a jpg, and if you want to change your edit at a later session you have to start over? Even if you just switch to another photo? (32:40) You have got to be kidding. I find that shocking and completely unacceptable, not sure how this program qualifies for any kind of recommendation. I mean, even Google Photos allows you to edit raw and never forgets your edit steps!

  5. Thanks for the review, I cannot see the Linux installation for Photoscape, but there is Linux install for RawTherapee.
    Another one for Linux and Windows is DarkTable.
    And there is also Gimp, but it's more for a manipulation of an image.

  6. I've been trying out Photoscape X and find it to be very intuitive and blazing fast. Your video is superb.
    I'm struggling to find a way to replace a background, or cut out a figure and place it onto a different background. It's pretty simple in the other photo editing programs I use, but I'm running in online circles trying to find the way to do it in Photoscape X. Maybe it can only be done with the $40 Pro version?
    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

  7. Thanks for this. Still relevant 2 Years on. I've been using or rather trying to use Darktable for a while now as an alternative to LR. A bit overwhelming for most of my needs. This is perfect for 80% of what I do. But I have one question; does the Trial Version get updated to reflect changes in the Pro Version? If yes do you update to link or is it unnecessary? Thanks to both Chelsee and you for all your help.

  8. Tony … Brilliant – as always .. so very useful has made me really excited about editing Raw files .. struggled with lots of other tools – Photoscape X is fantastic … but its often about how you are shown how to use things like this .. you have it nailed sir!

  9. Well done Tony. I downloaded Photoscape X. Will you post more on editing with the program? I have tried watching a few out there, but not up to your level.

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