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FREE Drone Certification Study Guide: FAA Part 107 sUAS Test

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  1. I am assuming that you are no longer reading comments on this video, but, I still have to say “Thank you Tony & Chelsea” for this video. Today I passed the Part 107 test with a 92%.   🙂

    I did use other study remorses, but this was my starting point.

    VERY helpful!

    I am also telling my daughter to start here as well when she goes for her Part 107.

  2. JUST PASSED minutes ago! Literally JUST getting home after taking the test and passing. I didn't do as well as I would have liked (78%) but a pass is a pass. I'm sure its because I went back and changed some answers lol

    Thank YOU Tony, for this video!

  3. Passed my test today this did help. But the sample test was quite a bit different than the test i took. Make sure to study the guide thoroughly. Only about 4 questions were the same as the sample test.

  4. Just wanted to say thank you for helping me pass my exam last week! Two YouTube videos (including this one) and the FAA study guide were my only study materials and I passed with an 85%. Subscribed!

  5. Question for all who have taken the test and studied this video. Are the questions on Tony's practice test the same questions you saw on the test? They seem to be the same as in the 3DR's website as well.

  6. Just passed with a 92% using this video as my foundation, then practice testing with the "remote pilot" iOS app (super worth it) and 3DR's practice tests.

  7. Tony in 1979 they were using the term Niner as apposed to saying Nine because in German "Nine" means "No." In 2006 when I went back and obtained my private pilot's license none of the younger instructors knew the phrase "Niner" and would start giggling if I automatically used it a hold over from 1979 when I first tried to get my PPL only to realize the school was about to be closed by the FAA or maybe it was the FBI the Feds closed. Different story for another day. So you are saying the phrase "Niner" is back on the FAA written test? Thank you because I would have missed it this time.

  8. An other more to you count on Wednesday december 4th 2019 present my test for sUAS pilot and thanks to this free video, the study guide and the link that you shared that is like a sample of 100 questions i passed the test thanks so much for taking the time to make this video and for all the information.
    guys if you want to pass the test make sure you go through all this video and the links above
    God bless yall and study, if you want to pass specially charts and METARS

  9. I just passed mine test today with an 83%. December 2019. Took the 130 quiz questions from his site and passed with no problem…Thank you Tony for this free video and test quiz questions…

  10. I wanted to say thank you for this video and information. I ended up watching it at least 4 times and I studied other videos, the study guides and practice tests over the period of about a month. Today I took my knowledge test and I passed with a 92%. The information in here really helped me. I was how relevant it would be considering how long ago this was made and I wondered if the current test could have changed but I found the information presented here to be very accurate and relevant. Thank you.

  11. 77 and happy, I think the test has changed a little bit and has some weird questions now but this helps and was VERY worth it. If you're taking the test soon make sure you know how to read the sectional charts.

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