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FORGET Film School! All You Need Are These 2 Things

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  1. Hey Matt, Watch you on Peter’s vlogs and was checking out the Epidemic Sound blog and watched this video! Great stuff! Love your eye and your vids! As for me, vlogging in my channel, a Family Friendly Disney heavy channel and considering giving daily vlogging a go. Thanks for doing what you do, I enjoy your stuff a lot! Merry Christmas!

  2. Have recently discovered your channel and it’s fast become a ‘go to’ whenever I have time to learn a bit more about filming and cinematography. I find your approach and encouraging attitude a really positive experience that puts me in a ‘let’s do this!’ Frame of mind. I get that you will be getting some passive income via YouTube for the effort you clearly put into these, but regardless, it’s obvious that you are genuinely passionate about helping others up. Good on you – Respect!

  3. I'm really into sports photography, and have had a Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram account, and am considering starting on YouTube, but the fear of being in front of the camera is real. I have now bought a microphone to have better audio, so I have little excuses left I suppose.

    Thanks for your hard work Matti, these videos help, and it's cool you don't beat around the bush.

    PS – I added another comment similar to this in reply to your question, but got an error. Hope I'm not double posting!

  4. Matti… Something i learned from FFA, (ie: FutureFarmers of America) was the phrase, "Learn to do…Do to learn.." Who would have known that Ag class would have given me foundation for life beyond farming. Yea.. for FFA..! LOL

  5. hey Matti! can you watch some of my old videos I made in grade 7? they are not good but I like to think they are alright for my first films. They are on my channel. Thanks, I love your videos.

  6. Hey Matti. This video is two years old but still so actual. And it is so inspiring and motivating to know your path in videomaking. This just gave me motivation to believe and keep going…

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