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Flaws in technical camera reviews (NERDY)

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This is a SUPER NERDY monologue about problems I see in camera reviews (from a guy who discovered many of these problems the hard way). Here’s a …


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  1. What's in the photo is more important than what you took it with. Some of the worlds most iconic images were taken on pretty unsophisticated equipment. Just enjoy taking pictures with whatever you've got, Watch videos on how to improve your technique, buy and read photography books and your photos will improve. Anybody know of any books we could read? I'm drawing a blank on that one. Lol

  2. Tony I agree with most of what you are saying, features like anti flicker, for me make a much bigger difference to image quality, then image sensor improvements. But I have to say the difference between the Sony a7ii & the a7iii image sensor quality according to DXO is huge. Take a look at the dynamic rage comparison at high ISO's & you will see the new A7iii has a 1.5 stop improvement. As well as 1/2 stop less ISO noise, & better colours etc.

  3. Tony can I ask a question please? It could be good for a new episode 😉 I have sony NEX 5 and SEL 18-200 lens. The images I got especially at 200mm is disappointingly grainy and unsharp. I wonder if I have a £1000 to spend if I should pick the new Sony a6500 (better sensor) or buy a better lens (fe 70-200 f4). Which option will give me more improvement?

  4. I guess the rate of improvement in high end cameras started to level off five or six years ago. How about mid-range and starter DSLRs? Are they still improving noticeably with every generation (given that they have more room for improvement to start with) and are they closing in on the flagship models? Just asking about image quality, not build, frames per second, etc., though those are important too.

  5. Smartest video you ever made. Great stuff. One to add to the list (you kind of hinted at it) – Focus field curvature. eg focus on centre then see if edge of frame is OOF compared to focusing on an object at edge of frame.

    Next wave of real functional improvements is 'computational' – we're already seeing the start of this in smartphones, wath out for it in real cameras!

  6. Hey Tony, thanks for the video! Learning a lot from your channel.
    I have a question about the IBIS. I recall Fuji and Leica claiming IBIS "degrades" the image taken. In practical terms, it seems logical to think we get better images with IBIS than without. Can you please explain this to us? Thanks!

  7. Totally agree. What matters to me now, is usability. Unfortunately, all camera ui's, connections, ergonomics all suck. There's been minimal advancement in these areas.

  8. Should I then shoot in Small Raw, instead of Full ress Raw?
    That way I am using less megapixels and all these shakes and movements will be noticed less, right?

    Or should I just use full ress and make those photos smaller, since I will be uploading them to any social media?

    Does shrinking photos "enhance" their quality? Most of my photos end up being watched on phone screens anyways…

  9. What a fantastic editorial. It’s obvious you’re not being paid by the trade up every year camera manufacturers. I especially liked the explanations on new technology that matters and why outdoor side by side comparisons are virtually worthless. Great job.

  10. I imagine you would agree, that comparisons made with the two subject cameras mounted next to one another on a bracket of some sort, and with shots taken simultaneously, would produce images which would be suitable for a direct comparison. Btw, I agree with your opinions but wanted to offer this scenario as a possibility for producing comparable images.

  11. I agree..The reviews become so damn silly sometimes,like one I listened to recently.The camera company made it CLEAR,that their FF camera does not have fast frame rates,not great for video,yet the reviewer,gets the camera,and immediately keeps mentioning it should have been faster.The same camera has been compared to others totally not the same niche.That same reviewer was really off base and misleading about some of the features,like saying a plastic hood possibly scratching a glass lens,etc..

  12. Which of your books do I buy as a beginning aerial photographer I have the new inspire in Mavic I need to know which one of your books to buy please respond please please please please

  13. I don't find stabilisation to be that important (except long focal lengths). I've shot candlelit photos without having any camera shake on a 5D4, arguably not the highest resolution camera, but with the 35mm f1.4L ii and the 50mm 1.4 art, some of the sharpest lenses around.

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