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Flash Trigger Review: PocketWizard vs. Phottix Odin vs. YongNuo YN-622 vs. Cyber Commander

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  1. You guys were clearly hired by Paul Bluff for this video. I'm sure the Cyber Commander works well but carrying strobes around on location all the time is not practical.

  2. Hey Tony, you mention in the video that it's not a good idea to get the YongNuo transceivers for Nikon because of the menu system… this was 3 years ago, so I would like to check if it still holds true, can't you control it with Nikon's commander flash mode?

  3. I use Phottix Odin ii transmitter and receiver, 5D Mkiii and Flashpoint RL 600B. I did the right set up but I still can not control the power of the light. It just fire the light. Can you tell me what should I do? Thank you.

  4. Hey Tony, I know this video is really old and I went back to watch it again as I have a few new DigiBee 800's coming in along with the Cyber Commander. Anyways just wanted to see if you have taken a look at the DigiBee's? They really change things in the Paul C Buff eco system. I mean daylight balanced 400W LED modeling lights that are "what you see is what you get" along with the capability to use them for video work!!! Awesome.

  5. Hi Tony I know this is a few years old now but the Nikon D7200 has control of A and B flash groups with both TTL and manual modes and flash output control on camera as well as control for the on camera flash. I'm not sure if this is a fairly new feature or not as I have only just got this camera as an update from a Nikon D60 which is 10 years old and has no remote flash function. Love the videos very informative for someone learning

  6. Not only does the yongnuo YN622c TX really complete the setup, it operates my alienbees and speedlights independent, Ive had these units for almost two years and have never had a failure, I use my alienbee-abr800 for main light and use speedlight for fill with umbrella and another speedlight for hairlight, works great. more than enough light. you can find alienbees used quite cheap, I bought mine 120 dollars, I got my yn622c's two of them and the yh622c-tx for 149, and them found some used yn622c's in some things I bought used he just threw them in,  the deals are out there just be patient and keep looking. also ive had my yn568exii for over a year as well and never had problems.

  7. Phottix Mitros flashes won’t work with vintage and “unchipped” manual lenses—this is a really big deal for mirrorless camera users! TTL and M modes do not work when mounted on the hot shoe, or when controlled by an Odin transmitter. There’s a horrible work-around by using them off-camera in M mode, and adjusting each flash at the flash (exactly not the reason you’d by into the Odin/Mitros+ system). You should really take a look at this and maybe do a new review and point out the other flashes that don’t have this limitation.

  8. I have a problem.. I have the YN622N-TX with 2 YN622N. They do work with YN568 EX. but I also have a YN565 Canon and the 600Canon flash both do not work with this system, I know the pins are different. CAn I get the Yn622C receivers? will they fire properly with the Nikon Transmitter?

  9. The YN's are great. Pocketwizard really fucked up with their TT5's @ those high prices by not being compatible with the 5d IV, expecting you to buy a newer TT6 for another ridiculously high price. I paid 60$ for my 622c / 622c-tx and it works perfectly even tho they are old as shit, like this video, old as shit yet I still had to comment 😀

  10. Hello Tony. I need your advice. I’m about to do my first outdoor shoot and I want to use flash.
    I need a remote trigger but not sure what to get. I have the canon 6D mark 2 and a yongnuo flash. This video was back in 2013 so I was wondering if this unit by yongnuo was still a good choice..I hope you see this! Thank you sir!

  11. Very nicely done – thank you. Even now, 6 years later, the Cyber Commander remains one of the most technologically advanced and versatile remote triggering systems. I use it with 3 Einstein's (and a White Lightning when called for) on a daily basis. For anyone using PCB strobes it really is the best. I have a friend who just switched to PCB strobes because of the Cyber commander system. There's a lot of negative press out there from non-PCB users, so thanks again!

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