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  1. Thanks for inspire us! I've started this year my own ColorGrading store & i'm proud how is it working, a lot of support | The crazy fact is that i don't own (yet) a camera, i just shoot with my iphone 5s & practice editing with friend's footages. So, gear, budget, anything must not stop your creativity, there are not excuses. Once again, thank you!

  2. Really needed to hear something like this! Currently I am specialized in drones as aerial operator for commercial shoots where aerial footage is needed, but also I realized that I like doing "ground" shots with dslrs as a 2nd operator in some productions.

  3. Oh, man. It's hard to me right now to see way out to my sweetspot. I've managed to make decent work on wed films working on studio but then got fed up. I was on Cyprus this winter and took a small a6300 and sigma 18-35 with me just in case. And then it turned out that making such small instavids https://www.instagram.com/p/BRNw4GFAmaL/?taken-by=sander.video https://www.instagram.com/p/BNzaLP3hhkK/?taken-by=sander.safonov are like gasp of fresh air for me. Some times I was with occasional people I've met and made friends with, sometimes I was all alone with my camera and rented car near wind power plants or Agia Napa beach and I felt that sweet feeling. But then I returned to reality since wedding is the major source of money for living. And since then I can't stop thinking to find way out.

    Like the way you talk. It improves my understanding of English and passively pronunciation as well cos your mimic is so clear when you speak)) Thank you

  4. Hey Matty! I think that although you base this philosophy of life and ethic of work to a film-making career, it applies to a lot of things in life as well, it is always inspiring to see someone that thinks like you: different. Thank you and have a good day!

  5. Well said man! I'm currently in the very early stages of my video journey but I want to learn how to use it as a story telling tool. If I can make the images cool as well though that's always a plus! 😉👍🏼

  6. Thanks a lot for sharing. This is really inspiring. We're actually a production company in Thailand. If you happen to wanna shoot in Thailand sometimes, please don't hesitate to contact us. We also have film coordinator license which could bring your company goes through all the legal process for film shooting permits in Thailand.
    Ps. Keep on producing what you're doing. We like what you do a lot.

  7. Hey Matty, I bought a GH4 two years ago as an upgrade from a Canon 7D to use while traveling. I left my Canon 70-200mm at home because it was just too heavy, I found the most ideal focal length on the road for me was my Canon 17-55mm that I took from my 7D setup. I'm at a point now where I need a change, I feel like I am the only one using this 17-55mm, and it isn't really producing the best quality images. Can you recommend any lenses around the same focal length that would give a higher quality/sharper image?

    For the record, after watching so many videos recently with people using the 70-200mm, I can't believe I left that beast at home. Going to pick it up soon and continue on with that too. Thanks for any advice man

  8. Great advice and motivation. Photo and video may just be a hobby of mine for now, but in the future I hope to take it to another level where I can do it professionally. At the moment I enjoy creating content on my own terms, and that gives me creative fulfillment without stress, my income is my day job which isn't as exciting. I do want to try to see if I can turn this hobby as a passion into something that I can make an income out of, but at the same time I feel like even if I'm very passionate about it now it can still turn into a job or something that in the long run my heart will lose interest in it.

  9. Great advice, I already work as a creative and still working this out, moving more towards image and video creation rather than post and design is what is feeling more right. Great channel, always enjoy your content thank you for sharing!

  10. Hey man, love the videos. The message and the content. Along with McKinnon, you guys are great combo for a new filmmaker. Now in saying that, I've come late to the game. But the way I look at it is; If I decided to become a filmmaker at twenty, I'd probably enjoy it for twenty years. Perhaps more. But in that twenty years, I'd start my journey as a beginner. I'd learn, make, and repeat. To close the gap. So it's now, at my age, I'm beginning my journey. I give it twenty years. The process is the same. Whether at twenty or now. There's no difference. The only thing about starting my journey now is: I have the life I've lived. I can look back from here and know where I came from, and what steps I took to arrive. I can learn about things that a younger man might take as an everyday. But that younger man can never, ever know what lies ahead. I'll bet the wisdom of knowing will make me a better storyteller right out of the gate. It's never too late.

  11. You just gave me an awesome idea. I basically put up a chart called "Project Evaluation Chart" and put the 4 variables that you talked about, with a rating from 1 to 5 for each. And it's so easy to see if you're gonna take that project or not that way! Thanks a lot! Awesome channel

  12. Your channel is extremely inspiring ! I have been graduated from the university for almost a year and went thru a job, an office job which dragged me down, both emotional and physical. And I realized that this is not the way I want to be, everyone has a lifetime. I revise myself over and over again of what I really love to do. And I see that I love holding my camera and run around, doing sth creative, going to a new place and discovering sth brand-new. So, I decided to get into the creative pathway, Your channel also useful and helpful for me improving my filming skill, plus how to make money from them. Eventho, I just start over but I'll make it better ! Thx to you 🙂 And looking foward to learn sth more.

  13. Hi,
    I love your videos and I like the way you communicate and inspire. There are several things which I look for in your videos and I am happy.

    Just a small concern. I find the brightness in the video a little low. I cranked the brightness but still was not able to see clearly. If possible, just a tad bit of brightness so that you are more visible.

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