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Find Me A Luxury Home – Bel Air/Beverly Hills/Hollywood Hills – Episode 8

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Tatiana Derovanessian of dreamliving|LA® tours her client Cathy, a stylist, through three homes newly developed by the ANR Signature Collection. Watch as …


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  1. Without even knowing or paying attention to the $, House 1 is the one I selected too, but I could never afford. So, I wish I was one of her gf to have spectacular chillin out days and nights too.

  2. Totally amazing – and of course all houses were spectacularly beautiful – and the kitchens so similar to each other – must be the style of the rich at the moment. One wonders will she feel a little lonely in such a giant space…?? Yesterday I visited a house in the village – up to 10 people living there – a dirt floor and most walls were bamboo – and there were some walls out the back – brick ones but the money ran out so no roof…and pumpkins had begun to grow there.

  3. I’m sorry but I don’t like square homes. I’m traditionalist, I felt no warmth from any of the homes.
    That saves me money, hahaha
    I live in the mountains 20 minutes from Yosemite National Park, we have deer’s sweet little Raccoons, skunks possums quails wild turkeys and grey squirrels 👍❤️

  4. House 1 is okay….kitchen not so great and master bathroom is boring.

    House 2 is horrible.

    House 3 has character, great entry, beautiful views…….kitchen needs an upgrading too dark.
    Master bathroom is gorgeous…… Outdoors is breathtaking.
    If I was her I definitely choose nr 3!
    I would do something about the price……I would pay 10.5 mill. For it. Since the kitchen needs an upgrade.

  5. I really thought this was going to be another tease, where right at the end we don't hear final choice! In this case, I am a bit surprised that she did not choose house number 3, it's wonderful, even though the infinity-edge pool should be right on the edge of the view for a dramatic scenic swim moment. Also why are the sunbeds facing away from that view? Enjoying all these videos Tatiana, fascinating indeed, but please squeeze the tease and tell us the decisions at the end of the videos!

  6. I always loved the views from Hollywood Hills over Bel Air and Beverly Hills. Warren Beatty had a house in Hollywood Hills back in the early 80s and the view was gorgeous (but not as gorgeous as his secretary )

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