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CHECK THIS OUT – LVC – https://twitter.com/lourencovc // instagram.com/lourencovc TESLA TRUCK – https://youtu.be/R35gWBtLCYg SAM KOLDERS Hey Tim …


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  1. As soon as you mentioned the word “Tesla” I said to my boyfriend: “I wanna send Matti a video of Simone. Especially the Truckla video. But in general I just feel like he’d really enjoy and appreciate Simone and her videos” and just as I finished my sentence you mentioned Simone 😂

    Simone is so precious and one of our favorite YouTubers as well ☺️ Glad u feel the same way!

  2. Your vlogs are awesome. Always excited to see what you decide to share. Thanks Matti for the reminder about working out. Needed that. Was about a few weeks ago I told my husband I needed to come up with the ultimate filmmaking workout for myself.

  3. 8:23 saids the man who wanna work out more lol. but yea you are right working out make su do more throughout the day and re your wife, shout out to her trust me that is one hell of a work out for her

  4. completely agree- i am more motivated to try new things with my editing when i am working out. When i am not working out i have boring vlogs with no energy. It is completely related!!!

  5. That comment about Peter and the poster was so funny, it's kind of like girlfriend who ditches you in school for another guy and then see's you moving on with a new girl and goes, "Hi, what are you up to" while your having a good time. I know it's not like that, but I did feel bad for Pete, I think he wears his heart on his sleeve. It is the worst thing about changing and growing. Both you guys are the best, thank you for continuing to inspire, it is much appreciated

  6. hello, i hope this message finds you well..if it’s possible or you’re interested? can you please make a review on Lumafusion video editing mobile app? do we get the same exporting results comparing from adobe premiere or final cut pro? cheers!

  7. Matti I noticed this video you have awesome dynamic range in the sky. I can see clouds and its sunny yet you are very well lit and the sky isn't blown out. Do you shoot your vlogs in C-LOG? Or is this just a standard picture profile?

  8. Everything you said about working out is FACT Matti! And when you're an OLD man like I am, it's even MORE critical! NO LIE! I didn't work out yesterday and I'm too tired to write anything else… BYE

  9. Nearly half my vlogs are working out 🤣 I’m trying to make mountain and trail running videos cinematic. Genuinely think though that keeping fit is one of the most essential tools as a filmmaker. Especially if you are the one running the show, you have to have more stamina than everyone else there.

  10. It was so funny when I saw this topic. Some time ago I was looking for help losing the soft 'walking-bounce' with my Ronin S.
    One thing that struck me watching the different instruction videos was that all the people were like 28 years old and physically fit. I'm 61 and maybe a little chubbier than I should be, hmmm.
    I told my wife, I think I know what my biggest problem is. Core strength and flexibility.
    So, you are right on target. Optimizing abilities is a key to quality production. Thanks for the extra insight.
    Note: of course I'm never watching again from my hurt American feelings. Note 2: adding a second/side handle on the Ronin helped a lot.
    Thanks again, great stuff.

  11. it seems like every popular filmmaker i've seen on youtube is in great shape… I almost wonder if its partly b/c putting yourself in front of a camera can make you self conscience (or even more than normal) granted carrying a big gimbal all day will definitely help with those big biceps.

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