Home Photography Father's Day Gift Ideas (Photographer Edition)

Father's Day Gift Ideas (Photographer Edition)

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  1. "iPad pro, much better than a laptop" mmmm, no… lol xD Can I open Fireworks pngs and edit them? Use full office? Multitask like a champ? Run steam? Expand my storage? use standard USB drives? Easily share content between apps? I know an iPad is really good, but to actually say it's better than a laptop, you must only mean for people who browse the web / check email and facebook or something like that. Because I find it completely lacking to replace a true laptop experience.

    Great video otherwise! Keep up the good work 😀

  2. Hey guys! Really like your videos, high quality and very infomative! But one thing I always notice….your thumbnails 😉 As you guys are professional photographers the thubnails sometimes look quite cheap and not so nice 😉 Not that it is really important but some kind of consistency would be quite nice. Just something which kinda borthers me. And with those kind of videos…idk it seems kinda bought. I know, you have to make money and you are really making good videos with it but just a video to bring people to buy stuff with the affeliated (?) links seems a little bit strange to me. But anyway, just some thoughts. Love your videos and I hope a little bit of critic helps more than just saying your great 😉 Cheers!

  3. Tony, you've mentioned before using the iPad Pro rather than a laptop. I'm trying to make the decision myself (iPad Pro or MacBook Pro for on the road-I'm a pro). Have you done a video on this subject or are you planning one? Would be very interested.

  4. Hello, Chelsea and Tony. I am deciding between these two cameras: The Sony Alpha A6000 and the Canon T6S. I will with both use their kit lens(16 50, 18 55)

    Which one is better at focusing? (speed, accuracy)
    which one is better with high iso
    which one has better image quality?

  5. I got the Stay Focused shirt for myself. Awesome quality! Love the feel. Although I may need another because I'm going to wear this one out! And anyone who hasn't gotten the SDP book should get it!

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