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Fashion Photoshoot Behind-the-Scenes with Gelled Strobes & a Cyclorama!

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Go behind-the-scenes with Chelsea, Tony, Justin, a model (Chelsea Lipp) and hair and makeup as they use a full cyclorama at Sonalyst studios to do a fashion …


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  1. super work. Loved this behind the scenes look. And has given me some ideas for an upcoming shoot. Nice to see a tall model as well. Im 6'1" and always worry about my hight when doing full length self portraits.

  2. This is why I think you two are the best! I started as a film maker and then eventually got my way into photography. I have recently been trying to shoot with models for the first time and I have been too nervous and too anxious to really step out and try shooting people other than my friends. This video showed me that I can treat a photo shoot with the same confidence that I had as a director on my short films/music videos. Thank you so much for a BTS photoshoot video and I would be happy to see other shoot "styles" done next time!

  3. I do like these BTS type of videos… I like your more formal to-camera stuff, the live show and reviews as well, but actually seeing you guys DO the shoot is really enlightening and educational. I realise that it's probably more work for you but when you can… More please 🙂 -By the way, is there going to be more Wanderlust?

  4. Behind the scenes videos teach a lot ! What most people don't realize is that the PLANNING of a shoot takes more time than just pressing the shutter . PREPARATION IS KEY ! thank you Tony and Chelsea for that video . Pls do some more like this .

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