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EXTREME Chilli Con Carne | DJ BBQ

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DJ BBQ creates chaos cooking his own Chilli Con CARNAGE recipe to an awesome metal track. Ever seen a grown man cry? No? Then take a look in the mirror …


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  1. Favorite band? Warren Zevon! No question. One of the most talented and under appreciated musicians of all time! Why he isn't in the rock and roll hall of fame is beyond me. His music goes far beyond Werewolves of London. Look into his music and you'll understand why I'm so devoted. You won't regret it. Happy 4th Everyone!, Making this today! Woohoo!

  2. There's no way in hell that I am going to watch one more second of this garbage because you might like the crap you're playing but all it did was give me a migraine headache.

  3. Two cinnamon sticks? Even one was too much last time I cooked a CcC with 1kg of ground beef. Unfortunately the cinnamon flavor was way too dominant. Also, no stock but chocolate, I don't know, man…

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