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Extended ISOs: Why you SHOULD use ISO 50!

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  1. Low is good as long as you have ample light. Low ISO in low light equals problems. In addition some "prosumer" camera bodies have a "fake" lower ISO. In other words its there to sell the camera and not to improve the quality or resolution.

  2. ISO 50 has only TWO genuine uses:
    1. For jpeg shooters it can help prevent the shutter speed maxing out at wide apertures in bright light.
    2. In the same scenario as my first point, it will show a correctly exposed image on the LCD screen of the camera.
    There are ZERO other benefits. RAW shooters may as well overexpose by 1 stop at ISO 100 and correct in post. That goes for the supposed image quality "benefit" spouted in this video. If you're really that obsessed with noise at base ISO then shoot at 100 and pull the exposure back 1 stop in post. You'll lose a bit of DR but in many situations there is still enough DR to make the shot work.

  3. Before i even finish watching i say this: all you are doing, in a complex way, is expose to the right. This should be done all the time you shoot landscapes in order to maximise light capture. Playing with ISO will never actually give you an advantage over physics as you are still capturing the same light. So yeah, make sure your histogram is just about to clip the highlights and then restore the right histogram in post and you are doing the right thing.
    It is obvious that iso "50" is going to be better as it captures twice as much light as the iso 100 shot. Camera is not really doing any miracles there.

  4. HI, Tony! I have a question. I just saw a video where a guy was shooting a sunset scene with this drone it was an Autel the bright orange one, ( I have a DJI Phantom 3 Pro ) and his foreground was not dark. You could see what was on the ground. My favorite time to fly is at Dust. In Arizona, you can get just some Amazing shots of the sunset and the purple mountains, the desert big wide open spaces, BUT if I don't wait until the sun goes behind the Horizon and I'm facing the sun, then everything in my foreground is dark. Do you know how I can fix this? I'm assuming it can be done as I saw a video as I mentioned of someone else that did it… Thanks so much! I also enjoyed your video about shooting an event with the drone.

  5. Camera/Sensor manufacturers should have ISO starting from 0 (0 to 50 then could serve as the digital ND filter), which is sooo important in video if you want to shoot wide open (for shallow DOF) and maintaining appropriate shutter speed for motion blur. Would it be technically more difficult to suppress sensor sensitivity than to boost it?

  6. I do photography at the beach often in the Cayman Islands and use ISO 50 pretty often, not for the improved image quality but for the ability to lengthen my shutter speed when I just can't get the amount of movement in crashing or receding waves that I need. I feel this is a better reason to use ISO 50.

  7. Why don´t you just shoot at 1/3200? I do not understand the video.. :S If you want to underexpose one stop why do you use forced ISO 50 instead of going one stop in shutter speed?? Hope some one can explain me…

  8. Thanks, you just answered my burning question, "why not use ISO L(50)?". I just recently planned on changing and testing my camera using ISO L (50) but haven been able to test it out yet. Still recovering from shoulder surgery. I bought your book a few years back and it helped me a great deal.

  9. or shoot iso 100 and overexpose (but try not to burn highlights) than lower exposure -1 in post.. and you have virtually ISO50 on your ISO100 camera.. 😉 – you're welcome!

  10. try sigma foveon X3 sensor (sigma SD14, SD15, SD1, and whole meriill series.. ) .. its ISO50.. is virtually and physically NOISELESS>. – believe me or not.. try it yourself.. and you will be blown away. 😉 not the latest series quattro thou.. it sucks 😉

  11. Doesn’t this demonstrate iso being fake? It’s all ev. Interesting trick to make iso 50 better. Can’t we simply do this ourselves with other sensors?

    You are the Bob Ross of photography

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