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Expectation vs Reality: Buying Your First DSLR

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Buying your first DSLR comes with a lot of expectations… [Playlist]: http://bit.ly/DRTVblogs [Subscribe]: http://bit.ly/DRTVSub ————————— One has certain …


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  1. I once got up to $12,000 of camera gear and nobody gave a rats. No one will buy your photos. Newspapers get 200,000 images a day. Everyone is a photographer. So I sold everything and bought a keeper on a recommendation from a pro. A 7mp Canon G6 from 2005 for $50. Why?
    1. I can print a 7mp image to 150dpi at bigger than A3.
    2. Its got a f2.0 lens that only stop down to f3.0 at full tele.
    3. It has every function on it that my Nikon D700 had
    4. It makes better jpegs than any camera I ever owned. I don't have to spend hours on the computer.
    5. People ARE impressed when I use it and then send them an image at full res.
    6. Expensive cameras are for losers.
    What camera does Sydney's most in demand portrait photographer use? He can afford anything. A $400 Panasonic G7 mirrorless 18mp with the stock zoom.

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