Home Entertainment Everything Hollywood Doesn’t Understand About Poverty – Reckless Disagreement (Shameless, Daredevil)

Everything Hollywood Doesn’t Understand About Poverty – Reckless Disagreement (Shameless, Daredevil)

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Have you seen the Showtime’s Shameless house or Daredevil’s apartment? It’s clear that Hollywood’s millionaires’ lack of understanding what poverty is has so …


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  1. Heyheyheyheyhey Sherlock has an apartment because he helped ms Hudson, the land owner, in a legal battle in the past. And he isnt paid by the POLICE when he helps them, but he does get money with personal cases. John has a website and everything, it's a buisness.

  2. I read a story, which is probably apocryphal, that upon visiting the US for the first time, an Indian diplomat asked his American counterpart "Where you keep all your poor people?" Even slums in the US are nicer that the shack towns you find in other parts of the world. By worldwide standards, if you have electricity and indoor plumbing, you're not poor.

  3. About Sherlock: their apartment is explained to have really low rent ONLY for them because Sherlock helped ensure the execution of the landlady's husband and that was her way of repaying the favor

  4. The rich control the media & entertainment and they want the poor to stay poor as slaves for them, that's why they brain wash us (poor people) to try to be 'happy' with our life condition and keep working as hard as we can; for them. Hollywood doesn't depict a lot of stuff right but especially money & power & poverty. Wake up sheeple. All oppression is connected.


  5. I don't think it's a joke depicting the characters in Shameless as sometimes really awful; It's mostly just a way to generate drama, the show is called 'Shameless' after all. Also impoverished people can be awful especially when they end up in a desperate situation, Ironically if they didn't show them being awful and only showed them being honest hard working etc. that would be just as unrealistic as what you're complaining about.

  6. "1 in 10 Americans have a credit score of zero… That's 45 million people…" Do you know math? Because the total population of United States is estimated at 327 million. 1 in 10 is NOT 45 million.

  7. Buffy would blackmail Double Meat Palace/McDonald's?, They stereotype people with ADD/ADHD, and other illnesses, so we can't work. If things don't change in a week, I am protesting businesses and colligate groups. They bribe the unions, coalitions, and fraternities, and even the retailers and fast food, and sponsors still think we have cooties, have rabies, my cat will end up with my brother. All for contracts, but they stereotyping of the poverty is wrong. In my case, bad laws, bad teachers, classmates, and friends. Bad trans union trilateral trade deals killing the economy. Nurses, doctors, refuse to help. Also don't move to Ohio it will be the next Flint in ten years. Also black listing, black logging the towns that denied me work for 5 years, even out of state. They could have given me a job at K-Mart, Piggy Wiggly, or Arby's, but refused to as an act of discrimination against my mom who is disabled and me over having symptoms, even though I don't think that is what it is.

  8. Sing along with the common people,
    Sing along and it might just get you through.
    Laugh along with the common people,
    Laugh along even though they're laughing at you,
    And the stupid things that you do.
    Because you think that poor is cool.

  9. The US system must be way different than Sweden’s… Or possibly I know less than I think I do.

    Banks don’t care squat if you’ve had a credit card that youve paid off for years.

    They care that you have a full time employment, which youve had past the 6 month trial period or most commonly a year. Plus a income that is sufficent to pay off the loan long-term. And hopefully the cash to pay the 10%+ advance of the full sum of the loan for like a house. Some banks offer a loan for that too but it’s said to be unadvisable.

    And that you’ve not let your debt fall towards Collectors, ”Kronofogden” which bans you from creating new contracts like for phones or other sorts of credit… for like 2 years.

    And if you want to split your Bill for a purchase down into monthly payments using services Like Klarna, they check your income past years and make sure you don’t have said ban, commonly phrased as a dot/spot on your credit.. Value? Record.

    Hm, but perhaps the US is more made for credit Cards and checks with ppl appearently paid salary weekly and not the monthly which is the majority way for ppl in Sweden.
    Far as I know.

    Aaand as for Buffy, getting Bribes isnt her way, she even diclines a half-joke about her starting to make ppl pay her if they want to be saved.
    And a bribe had to be pretty Big to compensate her long term being unemployed living in a big house raising a teen and having 1-2 friends living there but probably contributing Very little income to the home being in collage and all…

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