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  1. LOL I love how you still do the water filter extraction thing even when you're just making coffee for a prop! Love this content, I wish more people would do creative fun videos on the platform more often.

  2. Client: I need it horizontal.
    Photographer: Crop in, I gave you plenty of extra space. I needed to know that beforehand.
    C: Can you do it? I don't know how.
    P: Are you doing your own layout, or having graphic designer do it?
    C: Graphic designer.
    P: They know how to crop a photo and will have a better idea of how to crop the image for final usage.
    C: The graphic designer asked for a horizontal image.
    P: … you don't have a graphic designer, do you?
    C: We do.
    P: Is it your son, or nephew?
    C: Neither -a drivers' niece. She's a junior in highschool and really good.
    P: If she's really good, or even good enough to be hired, she can do the crop.
    C: … can you just reshoot it real quick?
    P: I'm gonna shoot something, but it's not a photo.

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