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Escaping The 9 To 5 – LOST LeBlanc Profile

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  1. Followed this guy before but I feel he is just a sellout and while following it felt more and more like a payed commercial.
    I don`t mind that youtubers are getting sponsored stuff or showing payed content.
    I just don`t like it when they try to hide or cover it.
    You should do one on Peter McKinnon profile, he so much better (Y)
    (Don`t get me wrong, Leblanc make fantastic videos and are very good at telling his story, just to much of a salesman to my taste. Ether way, he did put in a lot of hard work and did something that so many is afraid off, to quit their job and to chase their dreams. Thumbs up for that.)

  2. Inspired me to pursue film as a career and taking the challenge to learn that what we want is worth fighting for. It may not be easy but the reward will be there through hard work also dedication.

  3. It's such an honour to have worked with you on this Matti. You took my story and gave it another level of depth with your incredible edit. Keep killing it and look forward to see the next profile video!

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