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Editing YOUR Photos!! Ep 02

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  1. Please do a video using your old film camera! I’d love to learn how to properly shoot film. Would also love to know what film camera you’d recommend for film photography!!🙌🏼🎞

  2. Love watching your vids! So helpful to hear your thinking process as the changes are being made. I think you're relying on portrait cropping too much sometimes though, cropping some beautiful wide landscape orientations so that we can't see the space, only the shack or castle or…. Anyway, thanks for superb stuff!

  3. Yeah, the reason there’s so much noise in the photo is because even tho it’s a RAW photo, that doesn’t mean you won’t get digital noise when brightening photos

  4. please show a method to edit a picture clicked by the camera of our mobile without destroying it because i tried two or maybe five times to edit my photo but i completely destroyed it

  5. You are a beast!!!!!!!!!
    You keep giving compliments for those photo senders, but for me, your editing is crazy!
    I learn editing photo with Lr by watching your videos and realize that I still have long way to go

  6. Thanks for the mini "How To Edit Your Northern Lights Photos" tutorial 😀
    I'll be revisiting mine tonight. They were the very first pictures I'd ever edited so they need a bit of TLC.

  7. meghan louise's photo looks like it was shot in the reflection of a window or something, catching the back of that girl's head. shutters or whatever sort of blinds that are in the foreground look to be causing the bokeh to me, which is super cool

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