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Editing Wildlife in Lightroom

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  1. I liked but a little long, I usually do, first down the highlights 80% (blue sky) and increase the shadows 80% and the leathers will show up. For the eyes, small brush increase exposition and the color yellow increase the saturation and decrease highlight in the eye, so it will pop up

  2. Thank you so much Chelsea for your patience and step by step instructions. Some folks rush through hoping to keep the video short and they fly through crucial steps that could be very valuable.

  3. I press "o" but still I do not see a reddish color. I do masking to the eye as well, and see no difference and no color. I'm following the best I can yet for some reason I don't see a difference. 🙁

  4. Thanks for the tutorial Chelsea, this was so helpful! I've fallen in love with bird photography over the past year or so and this video is definitely going into my favorite list. I've only got a Nikon p900 which unfortunately shoots only jpegs, so I'm trying to squeeze the best I can out of it until I save up for a better camera, so these tips can make my crappy pictures look at least decently presentable. Again, thank you for the super helpful tutorial!

  5. Hello Chelsea!  I am using Photoshop/Lightroom CC using your technique of editing what happens to be an Osprey with a bass, only this one is in flight. Even the lighting looks the same. I took my picture after sunrise, but while the light was obscured by the nearby Rincon Mountains.  Even though it was a clear day, the blue sky hadn't shown itself yet.  When trying to adjust the lumisence, there was no change.  I watched a few videos, to be sure I did it right but that seems ok.  Do you or anyone else have any ideas what I'm doing wrong, or could there not be enough blue to adjust?  Thanks for putting this video together!  Best Regards, Michael

  6. I think people fail to realize it's about taking a mediocre photo and improving it and this is merely to get the gist of things. You need to watch separate tutorials for each individual process if you really want to understand it. It's not a fine art photography nature photo or documentary nature photo tutorial. I wish I noticed tutorial a year ago when I first started even though it is still somewhat applicable for me now. You taught a ton of basic light room features in one tutorial. I wouldn't want to sit here for the hours it would take for you to actually perfect this to learn something. It's nice when you teach a tutorial and you don't waste your time explaining that this is exactly perfect every time you do something and that you are just doing it to quicken the tutorial. One should have common sense enough to realize that. Yeah I know that was long. I shouldn't be allowed on youtube after coffee. 🙂

  7. Haters gonna hate. This was an awesome video because it taught me some great LR techniques. Do I agree with every adjustment? Heck no, but thanks to you I can adjust my own photos to suit my own taste. Great job, Chelsea.

  8. what are you doing, you sell photos? But i cant why you have lots off expensive gear. Please give me feedback but i very need new gear.. but my old.. is bad and not working for 100%

  9. Anyone else wonder why there hasn’t been a high end camera built that only shoots raw, only uses the fast cards, can use multiple lenses but doesn’t have the ridiculous amount of menu options? I’m sure if a group of pros got together and made a list of their most used settings they could eliminate 70% of the menu choices and simplify today’s cameras

  10. Nice work at making it pop.
    For added realism, I'd pay close attention toward a point source of sunlight. Thus the gold from the Sun is not uniform between the highlights and shadows, and does form shadows, not an overall cast to everything but the sky. Thus I would only add it to the highlighted areas of the subjects and brand. I'd also include the whole of the tail feathers of the bird.

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