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Editing Portraits in Photoshop (Glamour & Fashion)

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  1. Are yall having an ultimate wildlife lens test coming out soon? if so, do you know the date of when its coming out? im Thinking about getting proffessional wildlife lens. Thanks, yalls videos are very informative and well made! thanks for the hard work and free vids!

  2. Allow me to Bob Rossify this already soothing and soft spoken tutorial. When Chelsea talks about adding a new effect, mentally insert "happy little" where applicable.
    From all of me, happy photoshopping, and I'll see ya next time delicate little wave of my fingers

  3. Thanks Chelsea for sharing all the Editing process. It is great to see all changes you perform and try to understand the logic you apply to it, with back and forwards. Usually people don´t share in detail that part of the process. Regards from Peru.

  4. While it is great work it is sad that in this day people like dolls and not the real look of humans … just my five cent, well market demands it and it is always lovely to watch highly skilled people doing their job, still wrong imho ..

  5. It's a shame we have to photoshop out the 'real' person…why change her eye colour?
    Great tutorial on how to use the tools, but she looked more like a doll in the finished edit.

  6. Thank you for both this and the photography video. It is always interesting to see how another photographer works and what their thought process is. You've skipped the hardest part though… how to choose the final image(s). And yes I know there's a section in the book on that. =P

    You may already know this (Photoshop has lots of hotkeys and it's hard to remember all of them) but 'Ctrl'+'Backspace' = fill with background colour, and 'Alt'+'Backspace' = fill with foreground colour… or if you are working on a mask it's fill with black or white. Once learned, it is faster and much more useful than an action, preset, or trying to fill a layer or selection with a brush.

  7. HI Chelsea, Nice job! I always like to watch a more experienced hand. I liked how her skin tones came out. Natural skin is one of my weakest skills. Maybe in the future you can explain what some of the brush settings do. For example, how does flow affect the brush application as opposed to opacity. Really appreciate that you share your expertise with us! Keep it coming.

  8. I have learned so much just watching you working in Photoshop & Lightroom. So many things I had no idea either one of these programs did! If the photography gig doesn't work out I'm sure Adobe has a place for you on their team! Thanks Chelsea!

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