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Eat Yourself Happy! | Jamie & Alain De Botton (School of Life)

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We know food can make your body work better – but can it have the same effect on your mind too? Make you smarter, sharper, happier? Alain De Botton brings …


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  1. Hi Jamie, I'm a huge fan of yours and I pretty much agree on everything you say nutrition wise. However I feel like the environmental aspect of food is lacking in your videos. Is it possible for you to include a few videos that teaches us how to eat in a way that's good for us as well as the environment? Thank you 🙂

  2. Have you ever made a video about a ferrous nutrition? Recently i found out that i have iron deficiency, i have to take meds now and i want to change my nutrition and look for some good recipes. Maybe that would be an idea for a video? Greetings 🙂

  3. Don't make this into some romanticized and holistic bulls**t. Food is about two things. Aesthetics and health.

    Health meaning that it needs to provide you with nutrition so that one can function. There is a great deal of research regarding this and more is done every day. However the field is not as strict a science as we want it to be. While we do know that mercury is bad for your health and that greens are good, the exact line of how much is needed and how good things are is unclear in many cases. Still we have a very good idea of what makes for a proper healthy diet.

    The Aesthetics of it is very subjective. It is basically about what makes you feel good. And the aesthetics should be contrasted with the ethics of what you eat. Eating people might make you feel good and happy, but it is not very ethical (I am making an extreme case to illustrate my point).
    So as long as you eat healthy and choose among healthy food that which makes you the happiest and best and keep it in check with ethics you will be all fine.

    And side note. For one to be at the happiest and best does not necessitate stability, honesty, calmness or anything like that. At times I feel that I am at my best when I am angry or agitated or sleepy or hungry and often I do my best work at 4 am when I haven't eaten for 12 hours. Nothing like solving integrales when everyone else are asleep.

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