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Easy Tips To Make Your Brand 👌

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  1. Hello. I am again requesting the link to the track you used in the beginning in your intro. I tried finding it in art but couldn't as you suggested. Please check your downloads, maybe you can find the artist name and the track name.

  2. Honestly, I feel like that long intro video was a sort of trademark for you. I agree that the time has come for it to go, but I associated that intro with your content, so it worked!

  3. Very useful information! For me as a subscriber the personality of the youtube plays a very important role. It doesn't matter if someone is producing amazing work but is obnoxious and can't stand to see him/her on camera. This is what makes me subscribe to someone's channel as well as their professionalism and their content.

  4. Hey Matti! You are so very inspiring my friend! Fellow Canadian here, I first came across your page from Pete McKinnon. Both of you guys have helped me so much along my journey of trying to improve my videos. I’m first a musician so I hadn’t had any experience at all with video until I learned from you guys, so thank you.

    My question is, how long do you give yourself to work on a piece of content before you post it? What is your creation schedule like in comparison to your posting schedule? I’d love to improve my schedule and I can’t seem to figure out a good balance of not having to rush my videos every Friday (which is when I post). Thanks in advance for your reply. Keep inspiring!

  5. My question is: How do I know what my style is? When I look on my IG feed it doesn’t look like I have a one style. I shoot what I see and I edit what I think works for the individual photo. But there is no real recurring element. Do you know what I mean?

  6. I was worried about your last videos, it seemed like you were a Iittle annoyed with something but this video was a relief to know that you are well and that you continue with wonderful videos. Thank you!

  7. こんにちは。英語まったく読めないし話せないけど、とっても素晴らしい映像と写真がぼくのこころを支配します。影響されやすい幼稚な僕の脳みそは、おつかいであろうカメラを購入しようと思います。OM-D EM-1 markⅡ。レンズが知りたいです~。お時間あるときに教えていただけると幸いです。

  8. How do you organize your footage? More than date folders and which camera… do you do keyword tagging or any other methods? Dabbling in stock photo/video and wondering if there is something as good as Lightroom for organizing video metadata

  9. I was an ad agency art director for sometime and I appreciate you doing the service of communicating the importance of all this stuff in a way everyone can digest! Your stuff always look sharp, and it complements your positive personality just as it should.

  10. Hey Matti, You sure touched on some really important and often overlooked points. Thank you for taking the time to share this. I will definitely be looking inward before moving forwards with thoughts/comments & need to establish my "brand" cheers mate!

  11. Hey Matti! I have been following your videos for the last month since I bought my first camera to do travel videos! (hopefully)

    Now this is the actual video that contains my idea as I was trying to think about on how do I make my videos, branding and stuff, but not able to do it properly. Now you just list it effortlessly in this video so that I can use those amazing tips and work on my own branding! Again thank you so much Matti for all your content in your channel, I'm really happy I found your channel!

  12. Really appreciate this! I'm taking a little bit of time out to work on this, and even though a lot of what you said mirrored my own notes, it was brilliant to know I'm on the right track. I started YouTube not really thinking about this and recently felt like a fraud as i wasn't being true to myself with my content, talking about products I barely use and so on. Looking forward to getting this nailed now. Been binge watching your content this week Matti 🙂

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