Home Photography Easy Time-lapse Solutions (ft.5Diii, LX100, Qlippie Live)

Easy Time-lapse Solutions (ft.5Diii, LX100, Qlippie Live)

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Lok, Warren, Hannah, present 4 easy time-lapse solutions, featuring 5d3, lx300 and Qlippie Live. [Subscribe]: http://bit.ly/DRTVSub ————————— Pricing …


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  1. How long of a time laps can you take with the Qlippie? I see you can take over 2 hours of continuous video but not sure if taking a time laps would make much of a difference.

  2. What a wonderfully well made video! Loved the production quality, and reminds me that DRTV can put out entertaining and informative stuff. Hope to see more like this, and also more of Hannah! She makes for a great host.

  3. that tiny camera is just going to get nicked if you'll clip it and leave it. Don't know how it is in HongKong, but you'll leave it to take a timelapse – you won't see that camera ever again in eastern europe.

  4. Qlippie Live doesn't even seem to be available yet, their website only has a pre-order button. It may proof to be a excellent little addition for just that task though. Storage is 32 GB build in, that may proof to be a down side for some time-lapse lovers though. Continuous video shooting for 2 hours, bur only at 720p which may proof to be a problem for some people as well

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