Home Photography E-M5 II Overview Training Tutorial (Olympus O-MD)

E-M5 II Overview Training Tutorial (Olympus O-MD)

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  1. Hi Tony, great tutorial as usual! Have a specific question. On Sony cameras, I can preview changes of aperture, shutter and ISO by 'Setting effect ON under Live View Display'. Does Olympus (EM5 or EM10) have a similar function? Please advise. Many thanks! Mark.

  2. I recently bought an em5 mark II and this is my first camera. im having trouble when i put my camera in shutter priority as it doesnt seem to be changing the aperture automatically? it just keeps on blinking. what do i do??

  3. Love your videos your our no one to go too well done keep your tutorials coming thanks tony and Chelsea we both love your shoes we are addicted x happy Easter from darwin Australia we are both over 60too

  4. I’m late just bought a couple of these due to back problems. I shoot weddings and portraits. I bought 25 1.7, 45 1.8, 30 3.5, 40-150, and kit lens. Not L glass but decent glass. Most of my weddings are outside. Inside Receptions use flash, what would you recommend on flashes I need to buy a couple in a the next few weeks or so.

  5. Thanks so much! I have taken a couple online camera course but could not reconcile what they were saying with my new Olympus, I even took a class at the camera store where I bought it , but they went so fast I couldn't remember it all. With this video I could pause and find what you were demonstrating on my camera and follow along easier.  I would recommend for the basic intro demos, please shoe, where you are on the camera and go slower so we can see it on the scree.

  6. After 2 years I bought this camera, I'm still loving it. Well built feature packed, great for traveling. I'll be buying a Sony A7iii when it's become available again as most store have ran out.

  7. Tony great video just bought the EM5ll. And your video Has made learning about this camera very easy I did subscribe and look forward to enjoying your weekly videos. Thank you

  8. Thinking of purchasing this camera. You make it so easy to understand the workings of the camera and understanding so many aspects of using any modern camera. I have a Nikon D7100 and now I even know more about it just by listening to you. Thanks for your video on this camera. It was suggested to me as one of the best mirrorless cameras under $1000 especially with the current special of the 14-150 lens for only $200 more.

  9. USB port is useful for updating firmware for the camera which is now at version 4.1. Olympus Digital Camera Updater also allows for updates for lenses. To update the lens, you need to have the lens attached to the camera and the software will figure out what lens is on and if there are any updates available for the E-M5 II to use that lens. You need to do this with all lens you have.
    Updating the firmware keeps the E-M5 a viable camera and has made this camera even better. That is the future of photography….software.

  10. Thanks for this! I've had this camera for a while and haven't used it much because I was not as familiar with it as much as I did my Canon. Now that I have some knowledge for it, I'm excited to start snapping pics again.

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