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E-M1 Video Overview Training Tutorial

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  1. A comprehensive and well thought out primer on the OM-D E-M1. Small details like dealing with the rear (main) control wheel first and then the front (secondary) wheel second, while running through menu options, helps in associating the position of the dials with the placement of the on-screen options. Well done!

  2. Thank for this video. Felt so frustrated with my inability to fully utilise my EM1 camera however now feel much more confident. I need the show tell and do learning with which your videos are brilliant. I find other speakers go so fast i lose concentration.  Really looking forward to learning more.

  3. Tony, this might be the most annoying question ever, and for that I'm truly sorry..;) – but where are your shelves from; I've got some Ikea floating shelves and they sag like a …well, I won't go there, but you get the picture.
    thanks for these videos, they really are a great resource and I always point Olympus newbies straight over to you.

  4. Hello I was camera shopping trying to upgrade from my Olympus e500 and I came across an M1 for 499 on b&h. I was looking at the m1 mark ii st bestbuy and it's really great but would I be better off buying the M1 and a fast lens or drop 1700 for the body with the m1 mark ii ?

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