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Don't stop creating for yourself

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  1. Hi Pete, I am an amateur photographer got camera few months ago, but I loved taking pictures since a time i can't even recall. Every bit of what you said in this video, deeply resonated with my core. Social media makes me all anxious, victim of instant gratification, greedy for followers and likes, but whenever i watch your video, my mind resets as to Oh, wait !! I should enjoy this first, create what i wish and polish it. That feeling is very liberating, and a constant reset like that is very much needed for people of this generation, to be genuine artists. I can only THANK YOU from so far for doing this kind deed and keep watching and following you more. I tell my friends, you are my favorite photographer, not even kidding !!!! <3

  2. OMG!!!!! I was making a video a few weeks ago, similar to this where I'm just sitting in front of the camera talking, and I kept getting distracted and losing my place. I look over at my wife and say "I wonder how long Peter Mckinnon sits in front of his camera to make a video like this. Now weeks later I'm watching this video for the first time and you are like, "I literary don't know what I was talking about." Man thank you, you just made my day. hahaha Thank you for being the inspiration that you are!!!

  3. Hi Peter, I’ve been binge watching your videos esp. about the tutorials on how to make a good video out of a fon camera. You’ve been a huge help even if I only vlog for family and friends. Anyhow, this video i feel like you’re explaining why you’re shifting gears and being associated with Tom Delong. I understand why coz he’s a big guy for UFO disclosure. All I can say is, to those who can’t relate to this new road you’re participating in, let them judge you the way they want. The world is changing since pilots saw and disclosed their experience with UFO. Let these negative people catch up next decade or …never. The world is changing and openning their minds about UFO’s. These materials are on History Channel for Pete’s sake!! Good luck mate!

  4. I know this isn’t a new video and I’ve seen it before but I like to rewatch some of your videos in the gym or when I can find time. This was super motivating and I really needed to hear it today so thank you! 🤙🏼

  5. The swimming pool analogy… I think about this sort of stuff all the time. Here's another one:

    We are just humans. Walking around the earth. Swapping information with each other.

    That's all.

    We're literally just swapping information from one brain to the next lol

  6. The big thing i love in you as a person is that you seem to want to be a friend who does this videos to talk to us, distant friends, as a way to keep the connection. You inspire us in many ways because you make us feel like you are in a park with us just chating… Great. Hard to explain in english, but it kind of this…

  7. hey Pete, I dont usally comment on youtube videos but this one totally deserves it. Not only you are a great photographer, film maker, content creator, entrepenour, and a big and long etcetera. but you actually push people to breack their limits. I just want to say thanks, bro. You really get me and actually inspire me on keep on doing what i love wich is photography. Keep on going champ!

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