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Documentary Filming – Dominican Paramedics BTS Part 1

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Part 1 of the behind the scenes of filming a documentary following the lives of volunteer paramedics in the Dominican Republic. I hope it gives you some insight …


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  1. I was born and raise on those streets and witnessed the paramedics doing some heroic things. You guys are right they don't get the funding or credit they need and deserve for their hard work. thank you Matt for this documentary and for this video.

  2. It`s amazing to see your city Puerto Plata from another`s point of view. I live near Rescate Ambar`s station and some of my friends are volunteers there. Just loved it! Keep doing things like this. I`ll be waiting for part II. EXTRA POINTS FOR THE PICA POLLO!

  3. wow it so amazing… nice work man… love from India😘😘 I'm also a filmmaker.. cinematographer…
    totally love.. what you are doing there… totally respect for travel feels..

  4. Great story, great cause, I'm dominican, living in Santo Domingo D.R's capital so I'll be happy to share your initiative and share it as much as I can. By the way ¿Les gustó el picapollo on fritos?? lol

  5. Thanks for doing this! This is a great cause! I am excited to see the BTS and really excited to see the documentary. I love the Dominican people and can't believe they don't have a EMS system.

  6. Hey Matty,
    I love your work and love everything you do and you have inspired me to get into filming and I love your soundtrack at the start of most videos, I am wondering where can I find it to use in my own films.

    Thanks Matty

  7. Great video. What a shame though, the Dominican Government really needs to step up!!!! I have been to the Dr over a dozen times, never realized they didn't have an ems system. That's a scary thought for anyone going or living there. I hope one day soon things will change.

  8. Hey man!
    You're inspiring me a lot. I saw all of your videos, and I'm starting to do video making as well about my travels. The way it's still long but you're giving me a lot of amazing tips!
    It's really interesting what those volunteers are doing. About the video, I just recognise that the volume of the speeches are a bit weak compare to the music.
    Thanks a lot for all your sharing, you're doing a great job! Thumbs up!
    All the best bro!

  9. Hey man! Great content and been following you for long. 1 question i have and if you can help out, would apprecited so much. I have Canon 70d and want to invest wide quality lens for my video works. Thinking about 16-35 f4 L lens but also 16-35 f2.8 is another option. Since my body has no image stabilisation, can't decide very well. 2.8 sounds really good for shallow depth field, but my question is: Could shaky video without IS fixable with warp stabilisation ? Long ranges without IS, i have trouble with stabilisation, but i don't know about wide ones. And also this comes to mind, if i buy 16-35 f2.8 without IS, could sigma 18-35 better choice? Since it's big investment for me, having hard time to choose between, 16-35 f4 IS, 16-35 f2.8 without IS, and sigma 18-35… I seen in Peter Mckinnon video, he chooses 16-35 f2.8 lens for vlogging purpose for his friend. All this things make me confuse more lol. Please help out

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