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Do You Need A Cine Lens? (ft. Zeiss CP.2 50mm/T1.5, Canon 50mm f/1.2L & f/1.8 II)

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Warren and Lok see how a $US4,000 Zeiss 50mm Cine compares against Canon’s $125 nifty fifty and the $1450 50mm f/1.2 L. [Playlist]: http://bit.ly/LensRev …


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  1. um. Indie film makers can easily make use of a follow focus. It provides easy, smooth, non-awkward and vibration free focusing as well as benefiting from being able to mark your focus points particularly when locked off. Please think before your portray inaccurate information to upcoming film makers.

  2. Holy crap, I don't know about you guys but my guess was that Clip A was the Zeiss Cine Lens and that clip B was the cheap canon 1.8…. MIND BLOWN!!!!! Thank you @DigitalRev TV for saving me my future mortgage

  3. hey im having a hard time on what lens should i buy, is it the samyang 14mm photo lens or the samyang 14mm cinema lens, im using it for both photo and video

  4. I could definitely tell that B was the Zeiss. I mixed the other 2 up. But you also didn't expose the scene to hold the highlights properly so any detail in the highlights were blownout.

  5. Why you did not Check ghosting? It can be really ugly effect with cheaper lenses you should put those lenses in front of many lights pretty far away and check it. It is obvious that they will all perform good in the situations that you put those lenses. Do you think you could do another test for ghosting ?

  6. get a helios 44-2! It's more worst on everything then the lenses shown in your video except a beatyful bokeh and cinematic flares what makes it my favorite lens so far.

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