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DJI SPARK! Why did I buy this..?

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DJI SPARK! I’m not really sure why I bought this. Check out today’s video for a review and my thoughts on DJI’s new Drone! MATTIS REVIEW!


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  1. Bit late to the party but this is the most misinformed drone review I've ever seen. A stock spark can go 3km plus if ya use your brain and a controller and change some of the settings. Absolute tool lol

  2. Watching in 2019… Gestures–saw another video with a 6 year old using gesture control effortlessly. Camera settings–looks like the app has camera settings. Just purchased the Spark…my first real drone…I'll get back with you in a couple of weeks

  3. I really admire your cinematographic skills and knowledge. I wish I could have the same. Anyhow you're doing a good work by imparting knowledge you gain throughout the year. Stay blessed! And keep doing it.

  4. Years later and I find this guy to be a real idiot with no knowledge whatsoever of the spark. Don’t listen to this guy if you’re interested in the spark. Casey wannabe

  5. Humm, loving my Spark going on a year now, being a complete novice I feel I've been getting better and I am getting some sweet pics and videos. You can see them on my instagram @manuelinhodasouza

  6. Yes throw it around like a piece of crap, and the complain that it doesn't work, why don't you do the same with your camera and drop it hard on the table, and see if it still works

  7. This guy is beyond the biggest prick on YouTube. Why people follow him like a sheep blows my mind. Do proper research..it doesn't matter that it doesn't cost a zillion freaking dollars. Do a proper review next time.

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