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DJI RS2 | RSC2 – Cinematic BEASTS! First Look & Incredible Test Footage!

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RS 2 – https://click.dji.com/AGx1TTXNy2hu6FHgqLR1BA?pm=custom RSC 2 – https://click.dji.com/AMlrFz9uIL8AhPILf9oZpw?pm=custom TANNER’S Insta: …


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  1. Peter: I hate the whole process of setting up gimbals.
    Also Peter: Then you take this piece, put in on here, unscrew this part, put it on here… amazing.

    No hate, just… questionable.

  2. I truly have no clue what you're talking about. it takes like 3-4 mins to balance my ronin-s…it's never that bad and I'm always waiting for the talent to be ready, not the opposite. You probably just dont know how to balance efficiently if it takes you a long time. You just need to practice with your camera bodies and lenses. At some point you just know what points to put depending on what body/lens combo you plan on using after enough practice.

  3. i love your videos, beautifully shot… but i was riding the volume slider the whole time, up for talking, down for the bike….arghhhh… please balance the audio

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