Home Photography DJI Mavic Pro drone in Iceland 2017 – 4k

DJI Mavic Pro drone in Iceland 2017 – 4k

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  1. Awesome video man. I love the shots. I love what you did in post. I assume some tweaking to the color? I like the short and sweet aspect of this too. Its a well polished vlog/movie. Can't wait to fly my drone abroad someday.

  2. Epic! This is the drone video I've been waiting for you to make since stumbling across your very first one last year. I knew you had the chops to make great videos ever since. At the time I thought why do you only have 4 subscribers…should be exponentially more than that lol. Soon and in due time! The next Casey Neistat nobody knows about yet? Keyword "yet" 😝

  3. Btw, what better place than Iceland to use the drone. I really have to get one now. Anyway, friends just went there a few months ago and they can't stop talking about it! I know they'll appreciate this video more than me. And I really enjoyed this video lol.

  4. Amazing shots dude! I am going to Iceland in April, with my drone as well. I was hoping to get cool footage of the gulfoss and geysers… but from your note it seemed like they are banned?

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  6. Goood job with the edit!! I just came back from Iceland myself and i LOVED IT! I made my first video there (only video on the channel) check it out 😛

  7. Hey Jet i just saw this video and its amazing. I also went to Iceland and it was great, i also took my drone and took some video and would love your feedback. Also this was when Iceland was covered in snow

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