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DJI Mavic crash – Yeah I suck

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CRASHED THE DJI MAVIC INTO MYSELF! Yup, I’m probably the worst drone pilot ever… But crashing it 2.5 times within the first few days, I guess it’s a good …


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  1. You need to make a DJI Care Refresh video, go on there site it will tell you what to do. But if you search on YouTube you will see a bunch of DJI Care Refresh videos.

  2. haha! When I first got a drone. I bought a small 80 dollar drone to practice with. Then I got my first big boy drone which was a phantom 4. I was too scared to learn on my expensive drone. Glad it worked out for you man! The Mavic is so awesome.

  3. Surprised at how many dislikes this video has! It's awesome how you're not afraid to show the world your mistakes. Hell, even if this was on purpose, I'd say it's still hilarious and good acting lol.

  4. Ah, I remember when I tried flying a drone for the first time. It wasn't any fancy drone – my friend bought it for $30. I flew really high up and got a nice look at the grass field. When I tried to fly down the drone started diving rapidly so I panicked and turned the throttle way up so it started going sideways, so it slams into the high grass, which made the propellers all tangled up in the grass.

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