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DIY Ring Light (Cheap)

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  1. Hi Tony, Great video. Just discovered it. Still great after 4 + years. I am sure I can find most of the materials outside of Amazon, but where else is your book available? It looks good, but I don't want to support J. Bezos and his quest for world commerce domination in any way, shape, or form. I think he probalby has enough money already and I am disgusted by the number of little guys he has taken out on his way to acquire it. If it is possible to purchase it direct from you, I would prefer it.

  2. You guys might want to investigate B&H's 'recommendations' when someone writes for information. I think they have a significant Bias towards Canon gear, recommending hardware that is of lesser quality than other manufacturers.

  3. I just came across your video and just blown away on how to experiment by building your own studio lighting
    The pictures are outstanding
    Might have to give it a try

  4. Love both of your work I’m a long time fan ,I’m curious Tony have you thought about doing a recertification part 107 video ?,,, You made it very easy to help me pass my part 107 almost 2 years ago, Keep up the great work thanks Greg

  5. After 3hrs of trying in clothes and making sure she didn't wrinkle the dress for the photoshoot the model discovered they only took headshots…

    Nice idea for a customizable ring light. I used a portable clothes rack to make something similar. It's adjustable height and width wise and rolls into position. A cross bar added allows for a camera mount wherever I choose.

    Originally I used various high CRI florescent bulbs of different configurations. I've since added the newer high CRI LEDs to the mix. I do like the LED lights as they make it very light in weight. Though they can cost considerably more initially.

    Between the two, you can get some pretty cool effects.

    Nicely paced video. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Stunning photos! Your wife is beautiful! I'm new to your channel and enjoy your videos. I'm considering your book as I'm learning photography. Where can I buy it. Cheers! Jt

  7. What a shame there was no one with a big afro to pose for you guy's. Oh well, never mind. I doubt they was all busy slagging off other photoraphers and their channels to take part. Love your channel and good luck.

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