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David Loftus Photography Masterclass – Aperture & Depth of Field

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David Loftus shows you how to get the very best picture possible. Thanks to Jamie Magazine please visit http://www.jamieoliver.com/magazine Make sure your …


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  1. I've started foodblogging and my biggest challenge is that I cook mostly in the evenings due to time-management. I have to take pictures in my semi dark kitchen with artificial light. I am setting the camera on tungsten light but yet the images are yellow-ish and even when I adjust them digitally I don't get that nasty tinge out…. =/ ..does anyone have any tips?

  2. Do you mean adjust them digitally as in photoshop or do you mean digitally as in through your camera's settings? I only dabble in this kind of stuff and was taught through a friend but it generally works for me. Use the color that is opposite to what the problem is. For my super yellow pictures I pump more blue into them through photoshop and subtract red. I believe it's the color balance setting in photoshop if thats what you're messing with.

  3. I am always changing the colour hue into "colder" colours but the silly tinge stays and the shadows are not nearly as nice as they are when I take them in natural light. But I guess there is no way around it =/. I even tried "daylight bulbs".. but I found no proper solution yet.

  4. Abandon the preset white balance & 'Custom' White balance your camera with white paper under the lights you will be shooting under. What camera are you using?

  5. I tried the paper trick, read it on a forum but it's too dark when I do that – I might be doing something wrong there though. My camera is a Canon Eos500d with SigmaDc18-200mm.

  6. if it is too dark, bring the iso up (up to 800iso), or open the aperture. are you shooting in auto, p or in any other mode? something else that you could do is to change the exposure compensation.

  7. I am shooting in p mode .- never auto. Changing the ISO did help and it took me about an hour to figure out how to do that – I am so new to this /facepalm …thank a lot for that tip, much appreciated.

  8. but see that's the thing! Photography is Really easy and basic, it's just how you use such knowledge and work it into your shots that can be a challenge. Everything else is experience

  9. Hello there! Have you ever tried – Pycane DSLR Camera Tricks (do a search on google)? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my cousin shot some mind-blowing photos with it. 

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